Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why? Dunno ( =


1. Kill whomever who tagged you.

2. Don’t tag anyone in case of death.

3. Make sure you drink a few shots of tequila to spill your deepest darkest secrets.

4. Tequila is also good for lying. =P

5. Change the question that you malas nak type long anwers for.

6. Plot to murder the person whom created the “damned free ar” tag game.

*changed 14!*

1.Do you believe in love at first sight?
Ask Mie k? ( =

2. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 3 blog buddies you wouldn’t take with you? Why?
1st : Fabes, cause he would panic and die. If he doesn’t die, he might be trying to see if he could make me into a gay guy as well. (would take Mei from all the doctors in the list, we *might* live longer, fingers crossed)
2nd :Lit Shiuan, for his apparent gayness aura will infect even the fishies.
3rd : Jaspattay, cause she will finish the food too fast. (just kidding =P)

*I would put Mie in this list, cause tak nak dia mati, but she’s not just a buddy *winks*!

3.Where is the place that you want to go the most?
Milan, Italy. To knock Silvio Berlusconi’s head, and tell him to cough up 100 million pounds to buy players.

4. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
World peace. And free coffee. If there is free coffee, there will be world peace. See!! So give out free coffee you Brazilians.

5. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
Have you ever studied Physics? Guess not, cause you spend too much time asking crazed questions. Thank you for this time waster though, cause now I know how to make the human race into a superhuman race – that is to murder you. Kindly leave your contact after the punctuation mark.

6. What are you afraid to lose the most now?
My sanity. If not, I will end up in jail for murdering a few people whom tagged me.

7. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
Buy a KLIBOR futures contract. Lol, just kidding. I’d finish me course, then open a restaurant. Then be a “Datuk”. Then open bumiputra construction company, and earn big bucks. Then retire. No, wait, then I would have more millions to spend. Damned. Now I have to come up with more answers.

8. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?HIM? *raises eyebrow* That one, my gay poll winner, Lit Shiuan will let you know. Her? Ask Mie. ( =

9. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
Got 2 people whom tagged me (that I know of).

So we shall start with Teresa.

1. She will not hesitate to skewer you into a shish-kebab if your part of the assignment isn’t done.
2. She look garang only, but inside, soft soft wan. (But she will kill me if she sees this. Lol)
3. A very good friend. *smiles*

Now for the Lit Shiuan.

1. He’s gay. Meaning that if I need someone to seal a contract with gay CEO, he’s the man. *evil laugh*
2. He’s always good for a laugh. At his expense of course.
3. He will distract the lecturer if everything’s in a bind, and you can’t answer the lecturer’s question. Plus a great “Shuuuusher” if the Angels or the Flowers can’t keep their volume down. And is a good dummy if you need a distraction to blow up a building.

10. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?

11. Which type of cars I love the most?
Small cars, fast cars, cruise cars. So that means (in order!) the old mini, the Dodge SRT Viper, and the ever lovely heart melting pocketing scorching Maserati Gran Turismo. (pic below)

12. Which do you prefer from your other half? hug? or kiss?
( =

13. If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
Tell! But be warned, for every fault that you spill, I shall reveal five of yours. And it’s not going to be pretty *grins*

14. Why are you smiling now?
Cause I’m sitting in the house writing this post, and the people who tagged me are having exam. *evil laugh*

15. Are you a shopaholic or not?
Guys whom are shopaholics are gay. Fabes is the best example. Jcard? Got. QuickSilver card? Got. FCUK card? Got. Isetan card? Applying. Padini card? Got. I think you get what I mean. Since Richard =/= gay, therefore Richard =/= shopaholic. Lol. But I have no qualms tagging along for the ride:)

16. What kind of electronic device/gadget you own that you like most?
My dead 8310. But ya know…it’s dead already. Damned. I loved the keypad.

17. If you have a chance. Which part of your character you would like to change?
My intelligence. From 130 to 180. Plus me EQ, from 160 to 2356. Then I can conquer the world.

18. What makes you feel disappointed?
When Milan loses. Damn you for betraying my support. But I’d still be with you:)

19. If given a chance, do you want to see your future?
Haha. I think the moment I see it, the big guy up there will change it in an instant.

20.What does your friends labelled you as?
Painfully endearing. Lol. Or something along the lines. Hahahhahaha.

Now unto some real stuff. Nope, nothing. lol.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

15 Things You Should Consider

When you are at the coffee-house, or wherever else that you park your bum+notebook, while you have coffee, or tea (tea has been found to be a cure for anthrax, or some sorts, link here) Anyways, let get on with it.

This is my own guide of course, so any damages that are resultant of following guide will be dealt with "Who ask you to follow?", thank you:)

1. Put your drinks behind your laptop.
In the arrangement of YOU-LAPTOP-COFFEE, with your drink being right behind your screen. I have a good reason for this. If you have coffee on either side, or the front of your laptop, it it gets bumped by you (it's always going to be you) it will spill unto your lappie. If it's behind, most probably it will fall away from your laptop, thus giving you roughly 3 seconds to save your laptop. So people, put it behind k?

2. Always ask for tissues.
Not only can you wipe away your tears when you find out that your beloved Liverpool got torn apart by ManU, but it also will serve as a coaster for your (inevitable) ice blended drinks. Condensation is a problem at times, (shall stave away the temptation to use physics terms!) so all the water will be flowing somewhere, likely towards your power cords. Just place the drink on the tissue will do.

3. If there is food.
Easy. Pack the laptop! EAT, then ask the waiter to get rid of the cutlery, unpack laptop, do work.

4. Always bring a friend if you anticipate that you will be there long.
This is not because you will feel stressed doing work and such (so you can use the friend as a punching bag) but rather for those moments that will arrive within an hour of drinking an ice cold drink. It's better to leave your laptop with a friend while you're at the loo, than with the "trustworthy" minimal waged workers of the place. Just make sure you log off first, to stop prying eyes. lol.

5. Lock your stuff.
My friend got mugged in McD's, luckily the culprit only got away with the lappie bag, minus the lappie. So you have got to get one of those annoying locking things to lock your laptop in place. For me, i sit at the corner, with two walls beside me to lessen the risk of someone snatching my laptop. Plus i put my bag right beside me, sometimes, i tie the bag to the chair itself. Take your own precautions, but make sure they are fool-hardy.

6. Battery saving if you don't have a charger.
If you have to listen to music while you do your work, use portable mp3 player instead. Playing files on the laptop will suck the batt life out of it. Also, if you aren't surfing the net, make sure to turn off the wifi, and also don't leave your bluetooth on all the time. Lastly, if the lighting is good, you might want to consider lowering the brightness of the screen.

7. Online security.
If you log in to an open network, anyone else can do the same. So *at times* there can be unscrupulous people who will take advantage of that and will try to hack into your comp through the network. Make sure the firewalls are up. If you don't have one, get one now. Plus, please do not do any online transactions (involving bank numbers/credit card number) if you're at these "wifi hotspots". Limit most of your activity to surfing only. I may sound paranoid, but few million identities reported stolen last year begs to differ.

Referenced from "Richard's Unfinished Book of Coffee House Tips". Inspired by Abdul's "10 Things That You Should Do When You Make A Big Mistake", link here.


Anyways, a parting picture, this is a stressball, dubbed "Insanity" made by Mie and her friends for an assignment. I'm willing to trade one "Insanity" for anything ranging from
15 "I-Will-Sign-Your-Attendance-For-You" coupon,
to 5 "I-Will-Do-Your-Assignment-For-You" coupons.

Hurry! Stocks are running low!

Due to fear of Teresa murdering me for not putting up a chatbox, there it is, and this one i can delete stupid sex-advert comment posts.

Note :
The winner of "Who is the most gay guy you know" poll is Lit Shiuan with 5 votes, seconded by fabes with 2 votes, and third Chee Wei with one vote. lol. I wonder if i put my name there, would i get a vote. =P

And oh, i might be putting up what i have been up to during hols sometime this week, if i am "rajin" enough. lol.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Madness contravenes

It's the hols already. So don't be expecting any other posts other than this one:) One week off and i'd be back next week. I see that my poll has gotten ten votes, which would translate to 10 people vising this site 10 times a week? I'm very warmed:) lol. Anyways, i have gotten some very insane remarks about my tastespotting "food porn" bit of post in the last week. Replies include:

1. Richard you idiot. I was hungry, then you made me hungrier.
2. How they manage to photoshop those photos to make them look so delicious?
3. Why got satay there wan? lol.

As i have always maintained in this blog is that, thread with caution and also at your won risk. lol.

Anyways, i think i am going to post a long one today, because i am stressed out. (stressed out = good post = long post = lots of things that you probably don't need to know). I'd be starting with the stuff that you don't need to know, or things that you might wanna know, but don't know where to search them for. I shall start with this, taken off Wired Magazine.

What is that you may ask? It's an X-ray of a chest of course! And that white blot thingie on the left side of the chest (that would be your right side of the screen), is a pacemaker - a little gadget that in implanted into people with irregular heartbeat problems. Anyways, these wonderful life saving gadgets emit radio signals to tell your doc whether your heart is working, or vice versa. What you didn't know is that a bunch of mad scientists have recently managed to hack into the pacemaker over it's unencrypted radio signal, and would be able to completely shut it off, or turn it into a time-bomb. I can't imagine any mad men trying to take advantage of this little loophole, but why not put some firewall/encryption into that thing. I hate to see one nut-case trying to blackmail the world by threatening to shut every pace maker around - which would sound like Fabes, but he's horrid with gadgets.

Enough of world nonsense for a moment, lookie here at what i have found:) last week i have posted a tiny bit about the Volvo alarm clock which looks uber-cool. Too bad for those who can't wake up to loud noises, no worries, cause i have the next best thing. A pillow! [via Geekologie]

Apparently, it wakes you up 40 mins before your wake time. LOL. I'm just kidding, the OLED's in the pillow starts to slowly light up 40 mins before so it's be as bright as sunshine when you really need to wake up. I can imagine the scene now, Someone opens the curtains to reveal the sunlight, then you grunt, roll over to your side, and puts the pillow on your face, then scream "MY EYES!! MY EYES!!" damn you stupid pillow. lol. =P

Warning, The next few Paragraphs are Rated NSFW (Not suitable for work)

Then again, you can always wake up your sleeping whomever with this nifty little weird thing. Ya know how the Japanese love to make all sorts of gadgets to suit their insatiable sex drives, yes? Well, they have over done it this time with a mad mad "Buddha Lucky Palm Breast Massager". Lol. Why oh why do they think of such things? [via Gizmodo]

Hahaha. The situation may back-fire on the guys whom are contemplating *on getting their gfs/wives* one of these madness. I think with a simple hack, say replacing the motors inside, plus a nine volt batt instead of the normal 1.5 vlt ones, it would make a great self-defense tool against pervs like Lit Shiuan:) hahahaha. The pain would be unimaginable. (if you don't understand what i am trying to say, it's ok, that proves you're a very innocent person)

And oh, while we are that the matters of all things that are not supposed to be shown in front of your boss, or your grandparents, Here's something you might be interested in yourself:) [via Gizmodo]

Looks like a watch or something huh? Well, in some ways, it is a watch, but it's also a crazy mad gadget! Really. I mean it. It allows you to monitor that person's heart-beat, perspiration, blood pressure to tell what emotions that person is having at the moment. Hehehehe. The author tried it on himself, and gotten a "Excited 95%" reading.

So people, you know what this means right? Let me spell it out for you.

1. No more porn at work, the house, anywhere!
2. Easier to pick up a date and see if he/she is interested in you.
3. No more lying to the wife/gf that she looks great in those jeans. lol.

That's enough of the nonsense i guess. I think my posts these days are getting more pencilled into the mad things technology gives us these days. But just one last paragraph of something (or two) then i will go on to my normal post! Promise:) *fingers crossed*

See, by the time we (or rather i) graduate and start work and then have enough money to buy a car, most of my options would be hybrids, or even electric cars. The thing is that i don't think that these types of cars retain the soul of the cars of this time and age because, they don't sound like one. lol. Since engines are entirely run by electricity, there won't be any grunts, and sounds of bolts dropping to the floor. Thankfully, there's one company that feels the same way as i do, and presents to you the Fisker Karma [via Autoblog]

This car has speakers that would emit sounds of anything from a fighter jet to a sports-car. Lol. I would imagine a hack that would play sounds like "Get out of my way you idiotic Proton driver who has bought useless loud exhaust pipes that scrape the ground etc etc etc". Hahaha. With 0-100kmph in 6 seconds, i would seriously smoke that nut-head easy :)

Anyways, now unto my normal post. I have noticed that bus drivers these days are increasingly being more polite and more courteous to their passengers. Maybe it's because they finally realize that we are the ones whom are actually paying their wages. lol. And since they are so understanding to our needs and realize that we are at times at a rush for time, they would do a few things.

1. Run the lights for you.
(Driver, i need to be there in 30 mins, can you make it? : : "No problem boss!)

2. Zig/zag through traffic for you.
(Driver, i need to do a bus chase scene for my project, boleh? : : "BOLEH BOSS!!)

3. Use illegal lanes for you/honk at people driving under 150kmph/etc.

See, they love you a lot. so use the public transport! *grins*

And when we say that MMU has a lot of creative and innovative students, i'm sure that those people didn't mean that in this way, two sets of photos taken by yours truly:)

They were trying to make sense of their lectures by writing down encrypted notes on the desk-chairs thingie. Hope they pass their exams:)

And oh, i wanted to blog about this tiny Starbucks place in Section 17, but i didn't take photos of the place. It was nice, with loads of sofas, and also this conference table (i'm not kidding!), oval shaped with lights and such. Seats like 6-8, plus it's at the corner, so it's perfect for those mafia like meetings that you need. But I would blog about the Caramel Mocha Latte, that looks lovely, but their promise of "SWEETNESS!" is kinda disappointing. That's why i stick to Coffee Bean's Ice Blended Caramel. lol.

And oh, this starbucks uses recycled paper as napkins. i <3 the designs on it. lol. I think this is the first time i'm using "<3".

And last picture of the day

Hahahahaha! it's a signage to the restrooms. I think, the warning signs would fit Steve and Chee Wei to a tee. =P Anyways, the restaurant that i took this photo is called Wekitpietyesdeut something. lol. Just kidding. I forgot the name, but it's next to the Restoran Lorong Seratus Tahun (i swear that's real! and has killer curry mee). If you don't know where that is, it's in SS2 Pj. If you don't know where it is, it's near section 17, past section 14. If you don't know where that is, you can either Google it or call me:) The restaurant sells bubble tea as a main attraction btw, people don't go there just for the funny restroom sign:)

Anyways, that's it people. Super Long Post, plus a new poll! go vote! (results of the previous vote for "When do you visit this blog?" is 10 votes for "when i feel like it". The other answers came up empty. lol)


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nods Head

Was quite surprised at the number of people asking why my blogsite was down (nope, not you jas, you messaged me at god knows what hour of the night). So here it is again. If you all might have noticed, i did put up a "Under Construction" sign before my blog got deleted. Here's the truth k? I wanted to delete my other hideous blog that i put up for my assignment, and *god knows how* i managed to delete my main one. =P it's ok i guess.

And oh, if you guys have any suggestions for this site, feel free to let me know, and help me code it *evil grin* fabes the gay asked me to keep my blog white in colour because apparently the previous black made it hard to read. *i told him to go change his comp monitor* Anyways, i'd be keeping the white, and if i do manage to get my hands on a lovely white (&preferably a splash of red) template, i'd change it asap.

Now unto the news. I have put up a polling thing at the side-bar, which i accidentally found on blogspot. (I actually had found a lovely polling coding that i wanted to put up, but since blogspot had one...) Anyways, everytime *fingers crossed* i post a new post, i will be putting up a new poll. This week a simple one i guess. Though most probably you all know i *mainly* post once a week and it's usually on sunday night. =P

You know those flashy RM1.5k per lamp-posts that we have in putrajaya? Do you know why they are getting bent and out of shape and etc? It's not because of poor maintenances or shoddy jobs. It's because we text while we walk. It happens all around the world, and now UK has this charity group named Living Streets to pad the lamp-posts with cushions so the people in Brick Lane London doesn't get head injury. Here's a pic (courtesy of Yahoo! News)

For the food lovers in us, yes, i'm talking about you. I have found this site filled with pictures of "food porn", plus i think the site owner's south-east asian, cause i spotted instant noodles. lol. It's salivating just to look at these photos. It's madness! How can they make Satay & Hakka Noodles look so delicious is way beyond me. Here's the link, and here's a sample photo

It's bleeding & oozing chocolates. Damned.

*Note for jaspattay. Click here.

For those volvo fanatics, here's an alarm clock that you would love. If you aren't a volvo fanatic, well, it looks great either way. Plus it's got motion sensor to see if you're awake, and if you aren't it'll simply continue playing your pre-set mp3 file till the loudest setting - which could wake up the dead. Photo Via, link here.

Anyways, for the health conscious people out there, here's a product that will kick the Nike/iPod system out of the way. It's a Nintendo/Nike system. Lol. There's no release date, and nothing else but rumours, but apparently the project is underway:) Here's a would be prototype.

For the girls, there's the HannsMilano. A handbag with a TV? Or a TV as a handbag? I have no idea. Apparently who makes tv's have said that the design is "inspired by today's modern woman" - so are they saying that today's modern women have quirky handbags or they watch too much tv? Read more at PocketLint and photo is as below.

Anyways, i have been away for a while, so i shall just give a brief breakdown of everything that has happened so far. Apparently, Chee Wei DENIED everything that happened between himself and Steve (picture below) when i asked him about it, but does admit that he was "high" that night, photo taken from Laura's Blog, you can ask her for details:) So go figure.

Chee Wei and Steve in action:)

And we had a guest speaker for E-Commerce the other day, and he was the type of guy that Fabes would jump at straight. Plus instead of giving us a talk on e-commerce, he turned it into a recruitment drive for his company. Now if he wasn't such a person, i would have asked questions and maybe answered a few other questions. (plus if the prizes he gave out were free holiday trips, i would have most definitely been raising my hand each time!)

Oh well, till next time:)

Be good!


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Beta Testing.

Haven't really gotten to getting everything to work just yet, plus being weighed down by the usual stuff. Anyways, i *PROMISE* to get everything working before the next next week (which i would have a one week holiday squezzed in).

For now, just the minimalist look:) Feel free to link me up again. And oh, i will be posting regularly again till everything is done. One thing though, i will not be putting put a chatbox, for fear of adverts of sex sites. *laughs*

be good people.

Have fun!