Saturday, December 20, 2008

The christmas post.

The fourth post for this month and probably the last one till the year comes to a close. Why? Cause my uni, being the lovely uni it is, only gave us one day off for christmas. Whereas it was at least a week for Raya, one "unofficial" week for CNY, and at least 3 days for Deepavali. I hate being stuck in such a rut. But hey, Christmas is about forgiving, so i forgive you, my dear uni, and to a certain extent, for having finals in early january as well.

You know christmas is kinda like fried chicken. You love it to the bits, even if you deny it publicly, you still yearn and crave for it. Why? You love it cause it's oh-so-delicious. You hate it cause it's superbly dangerous to your health. Kapish? No? Metaphors are hard to understand so let me explain.

The great things about christmas, the people, the food and the atmosphere, all comes at a price, for most of us, the price is rather steep. House cleaning for a week, the labourous setting up, and de-stetting down a fir tree, the endless hours labouring away in the kitchen. Not to mention the utter insane job of hosting so many people, and telling them that one funny Christmas story you have about Uncle Ted for the umpteenth time.

The largest poison is, the presents. You see, people have this notion that if you know and care about them, you should know what to get them for christmas - which is very untrue. Lol. So yea, while we love the presents that we recieve, deep down inside, you'd be cursing to as why the hell they bought you that ugly sweater - it's sunny all year in Malaysia!

Despite all me bitching about Christmas, i love it. I honestly do. There's no two ways around it. So gear up people, (maybe you can catch those fake christmas snow in Midv if you hurry). And dont forget the pressies. Me parents will be away for christmas anyway, and my bro will theoratically only be done with his finals on christmas eve.

Me? I've got quizzes on 23rd and 24th, plus an assignment to pass up on the 26th. Hahaha. I consider that my present to my lecturers, me being a good kid and all (please, no sarcasm is needed). *evil laugh*

And here's Merry Christmas to all of you, and a happy New Year.

(p.s. if someone asks you to taste some eggnog, please do gently decline the offer)


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Not The Post That You Want To Read

Christmas is around the corner. Lovely lights, green fir trees and brightly wrapped presents under it. What else could be better aye? *grins* the roast chicken in the oven, the untold number of dishes on the table, and of course, the liquor and the companionship that you enjoy:)

And then there's the point where you sorta bought the wrong size shirt for Dad, the wrong colour socks for Mom, the wrong video game for Bro, and the wrong colour iPod for the Sis. But no matter, they'll love you for it, and give you the wrong watch design that you have been craving.

So be happy alright? It's not all that bad. I'm not asking you to be contented or stay in that rut that you are finding yourself in or anything. But for once a year, perhaps there is a little bit more to be happy about. Maybe there is a silver lining.

Reminds me of a story.

There's this kid called Daourt. You see, he's just a normal kid, like you and me. He loves the holidays and he loves the people around him. He loves food, and he loves getting presents. You should have little bit more faith in people like him.

He's been bounced around from foster home to foster home, loving people - but never getting anything in return. Blew every cent he earns on the people that are around him, but they will never thank him, they curse him for the lousy crap he'd gotten them.

He loves food, but he never really gets anything decent, maybe a few scraps every now and then, but hey, he's thankful for everything. The part where he loves getting presents? Yea, that's true, there's a small detail missing, he's never gotten one.

Faith. The very stuff that they teach in religion and in virtues and denounce in terrorist camps. The very foundation of the relationship in this world is based on that. I hate to see that a kid, with no proper education, no love in his life, no guidance, no spark - would dare to gamble on the human race more than anyone who has ever had a hug in their lives.

So why not? Take that little step, take that little leap. Go hug someone. *as long as it isn't me, i'm good with it*


And oh oh, it's my turn to take good care of Prickly this time. You can see the joy on his face when he's riding the train for the first time:)

Cheers people!

P.S. Did i mention that i find green tea strangely addictive? Not the sushi king kind, the one that you make yourself. Oh well:)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Grin, and your teeth might fall out

I learned a few things in uni last week, which might interest you. Well, maybe not as much, but hey, complain all you want:) Be my guest.

In Time Series Analysis,

"Your St is a smoothed error"
Yup, very true. Just not mine, i checked. *grins*

In Tax Planning,

"Some services can be taxed, some services cannot be taxed"
"Only half of entertainment charges can be exempted from tax"
"I like people who have long job titles, say Miss so and so, accountant, consultant, manager executive and others. It's always the others that interests me"

All courtesy of my lecturer:)

In Monte Carlo Simulation Techniques,

"Rainbows are made from refractions of light"
"The tides are due to the gravity of the moon"
"My son got 5a's in his UPSR"
All of which, is not related to Monte Carlo. Lovely.

On a different note, i actually found the Annual Eurasian Bazaar held at the Eurasian Association in downtown KL on last Sunday. I took photos (of food mainly), but the TmNet doesn't permit me to upload any pictures at this time (or any other time for that matter).

So with the lack of photos, i now owe you roughly 82719 number of words. But i know how much you loathe people rambling on, so i shall spare you (and myself) the trouble. *grins*

Lastly, urm, a few people to add to the december birthday list. Mus-Id (i tak tahu spell your full name), and Steph Liew Couzie, and Keith!(that is how you have to say his name), and LAM, and Mein Mein. Yup.

And oh, i'm getting the hang of putting together a relationship network with using unknown variables, linking these networks with others and also finding out the cause-effect relationships that is caused by certain events or rifts in the relationships. Yup, you heard me, Mus, Steve, Mashyur and Andrew. ( =

Anyways, that's it for now. And oh to Fabes, please don't refer to yourself as Fabes, let us do that. It makes you sound gay. Call me when you crash land in Malaysia aight?


Monday, December 1, 2008

Grrr roar?

That's what a certain friend of mine always says when she's frust, for no good reason either. She can rot in her pork filled fantasies, i don't mind:)

Anyway, there's a whole load of angry people in the world today. Shootings in Mumbai, people killing others because they snore, a WalMart employee being trampled to death during the Black Friday thingie (ok, that's more out of sales mass panic).

The point is, everyone's got a lot of things to be angry about. I'm angry about a few things. Actually, i'm angry about less than 5 things in the world, but i do get a little bit more than average-ly annoyed with everything else. *grins*

Take for instance, people who don't use coasters. I mean, what's up with that? Honestly, if you're sitting on me table, and you pour yourself a cold drink and leave it on my 12361872year old oak hand crafted table, i will hunt you down, and make you water a damned oak for 126371823 years. Yup. Maybe the Big Guy can give you a pass to come down (or come up) to water the oak:)

Reminds me of a story. About this little ogre who lived on a stone. He loved the stone so much, that he named it Gilberaline. His name was Gilbert, so you know the drill. Anyway, one day the stone fell ill, and our dear ogre was at a loss for what to do. (I would be the same too). So he gathered up some flat growing fungus, and placed it all over Gilberaline, and she got better! That's why we have moss all over stones today, thanks to dear old Gilbert.

*no, there is a point to this story. i just can't think of one right now*

The other thing that gets me a wee bit over the top is when people tell you that this certain coffee has a slight taste of choco/vanilla/whatever in it when you brew it. The problem is, when you brew it and taste nothing but coffee, they tell you it's because you're brewing it all wrong. which brings me to another story.

This story is mainly about a tiny snail near the ocean. You see, dear old Ashcrumbs always loved the ocean, and well, it's kinda hard if you have this huge calcium house over your back all the time. So Jiump, the starfish, help him escape from the house that his parents put him in. And who would have known, Ashcrumbs was an excellent swimmer, and ta-da, he is now known as Zazzy, the eel:)

Moral of the story is that, unagi is eel, so when you order unagi sushi, it's eel sushi. And you're eating one of Zazzy's babies' babies' babies' babies'...... babies' baby. So shame on you.

Basically what i mean to say was, if you're angry, and there's no secret little teddy in the closet that can calm you down, feel free to bite down a pillow. Hey, at least you will still have all your teeth. And oh, try to tickle a bulldog. It definitely works. You'd either be in an awful lot of pain, or too tired from running to be angry.

So Cheers people!
be good:)