Sunday, May 31, 2009

A day's musings.

Harlo Harlo, test test.

Tlans-selat/laut-titanic message lumber wan.

*ahem ahem*

If lu are hear-ling this ar, means you in deep trouble. Perlis look outside your door, you can see got big big fire everywhere. No, it is not the Government Sponsored BBQ sempena Father's day. Father's day we play football, and tell our fathers that we still love them, and expect them to pay for everything even when we already 45 years old. No No No. Today not Bapak lu punya hari.

It is judgement day.

Let me tell you what happened so far ad ok? Ten year ago, some sakai decided to kumpul all the loan shark using this company call SKYnet la. They name it Sky cause the fella syok sendiri and the NET is actually when he wanted to open cyber-cafe wan, but also net can catch shark wan ma. So ma call SKYNET lo.

Then this skynet ar, ma build a lot of lobot la, the most popular wan last time was the Arnold-Tak-boleh-nak-eja lo, so they built more and more. You see those motorbike thing going around? Ah, that is the super modilified MAT REMPIT, can do alot stunt wan, cause SKYNET already screw their hand into the bike, cannot fall down d, now can do 360-upside-down-superman.

Now ar, they also got the fella look like your father-in-law wan, face scary scary wan, eyes red red wan. Their purpose is to pour red blood, mean red paint on your front door. They use very quality paint wan ok, like Jotun and Dulux, so very hard to wash off. Plus got warranty 5 years on the paint ya know. Lucky la you.

Ah, now back to the future ar. This is John Corner speaking, i'm in charge of the resistance, and ar, i want to tell you ar, stop resisting lo. You think paint nowadays very cheap wan ar? Those Rempit-bot also very expensive ya know, they always crash here crash there wan. You pay is it the main-train-nence?

So stop resisting ar, perlis go to the nearest mr huge robot, and sir-lender yourself. I plormis you can keep all your fingers, not lying wan, i very hornest wan.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Do you know, that there is an opening in jb for Lego sculptors? You don't need any form of qualifications, just go only. Then they send you for training in the US for 3 months. And you get paid like 2k. I hate you JB people!

Yes, this is your weekly slave reporting, probably for the last time, if i don't get over this stupid darn flu and haul myself to that spanish test this Friday. That's not the last of it though, i still have to get TM to give me streamyx kat rumah i. Hahaha. And no, it won't be free, not even for soon-to-be former students at their uni. Things to do after finals :

Checklist - rated by importance.

1. Have nice cuppa coffee with Mie.
2. Get dad to sponsor internet for a few months.
3. Call CIMB to arrange that 3rd stage.
4. Wait for IBM. or call them after a week or so if still got nothing.
5. Apply for work as a janitor at my apartments.

6. Make sure Mei fails her exams.
7. Avoid Jas' housewarming.
8. Get rid of "Viva la Vida" from my playlist. And anything Akon.
9. Eat Char Kuey Teow at least once a week
10. Smack Fabes on the head.

11. Try to no avail to gain weight. The year isn't over YET!
12. Avoid Jas' dinner-party, if she cooks.
13. Visit loon kat SK when his wife not around. LOL.
14. Visit Thean&Shiuan PLt at Subang - MAS interns:)
15. Cancel all future flights if those two nuts are getting their pilot licenses.

Potential Situation below:


Thursday, May 21, 2009


Ok, here's the thing. IBM or CIMB?

Third stage of CIMB coming up in June, so is that interview with IBM at about the same time.

IF, big IF, i get selected for both, what to do?

So hopeful aye richard? Sakainess. Oh well, either way, i won't be able to make it for the internship period for the coming semester. So, would have to postpone. Or maybe Mr. Chan could make an exception:) He do love his F.E students:)

Anyways, that's about it. I have been slacking off a lot lately. Finals next week, and na-da was done:) Short posts all around anyways.

And as a parting gift, today i was elated to see this in front of my place punya mamak..

I kid you not! A DB9!! Lol. I sengaja turned into the mamak to get a better viw, then u-turn to see again:) Yes, i am such a kid. Hahahaha.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


See here people. Today will be a rainy day. I have predicted this - I have measured the temps, the air pressure, wind direction, the humidity, all points to a rainy evening. That, and also the fact that it as dark as night about now:)

Anyways, Mei says that if you're going to be a guinea pig, make sure you're a cute one. I have no idea how to do that, but please, someone out there, get her some some ok? :) She will thank you for it.

News: My hairdresser's wife is pregnant! 8 months pregnant! I mean like wtf, i didn't notice also. Wow. So next time i have to cut hair, they will be on maternity leave. Oh well, good luck to the both of them:) And oh oh, mie doesn't like my hairdresser cause he ain't gay enough, i like him cause he isn't gay.

Bigger news. I have done one exam, three to go. One more test from IBM was done today too! Yay. See hor, there was this guy sitting next to me who cheated. We supposed to not go back to the previous sections of the test after the time limit - but this sakai, while preparing for the next section, went back to the previous section and answered two more questions. Lol. He must be seriously desperate.

And oh, i think i made everyone who took the test with me panic today. Cause i flipped the pages faster and answered more. Hahahaha. Kesian those people, dont know that mostly i just guess the answers only wan. Hehehehe. Poor people get panic for nothing.

That's it for now la. My thoughts are so scattered now. Wish me all the best for the finals k? i know you care:) hahahaha.


Monday, May 11, 2009


Yup, you heard me right. FYP is done and dusted. Sent for binding today:) and maybe it'd be done thurday, or early morning friday:)

That's all la actually. I'm super tired now, been sleeping about 25 hours for the past 6-7 days. so dah separuh mampus d.

I notice when i'm exhausted i tend to:

1. Be more lethargic.
2. Less accomodating to your silly jokes.
3. Efficiency of spatial recognition, motor skills and vocab cognitive functions are all decreased by at least 40%.
4. Blog more:)

Good luck to whomever whom are still on their fyp.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another one aye?

Before i move on to today's new post, i would just like to highlight some quirks that i think i have made to be my own, so today i shall just list down a few, then maybe next week or something i will put up some more, if you guys wanna know more, that is.

1. While driving i have got one small rule, i will let only one car into my lane on pity, and max two cars that memang nak potong masuk wan. Hahahaha. But no more than that, i don't care if you driving a super huge truck ker, a bus ker. If you dont have a bunch of uniformed people on those huge Honda bikes with horns ablaring, or a huge red truck with ladders at the top, or the words ambulance written in mirror image on the front of your vehicle - you ain't passing me.

2. I will most definitely sing along to Miley's "Climb" when i'm alone in the car, if it's on radio. Hahahahahahhaa. There, i confessed. And, yes i have done this for countless other songs, which i am not telling you =P

3. I will always eat half my noodles first, before i start eating the stuff that they put in it, i.e. fishballs, cockles and such. :)

4. Rice, same as above, unless i kat rumah, when i hantam makan whatever i can lay my hands on - plus i scoup soup straight from the main bowl. Yup, it's my house either way.

5. I will only ever ever order beef pepperoni pizza when i am at pizza parlors:)

That's all for now. Back to the main thing that i wanted to blog about.

which i can't recall at the moment, so i shall get back to my Granger-Causality; and my Diagonal BEKK-MGARCH correlation model:)

Oh, had ibm aptitude test today, comparatively easier than CIMB's one, but oh well, we'll see.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Goes about

What goes about in me head if someone doesn't reply me messages or calls for a prolonged period of time, list as below (yes, silly, bear with me)

1. You got stuck in jail. This is actually a real cause by a certain mate of mine. Lol. So now, if you're prone to causing trouble, i would have no doubt in my mind that you are having dinner served by the blues:)

2. You ran off somewhere due to something horrific. Well, yes - everyone has had a friend/relative that has done this before, don't you? If you don't, count your lucky stars to not have concerned parents calling you asking where their kid is, and you would have to lie through your teeth to cover them up. Hahahahaha.

3. You got into a whirlwind relationship with some attractive person and is now in a hotel in Genting Highlands. Ah, yes, the fickleness of youth. Always jumping on the first train that has the lovely fella onboard. So yes, i do consider this possibility very often.

4. You found out that i somehow lied or betrayed you. Which is never true, but then rumours are easy to spread and people tend to believe stuff if you say it often, like a bull in a china-shop, actually the bulls would trot about the china and not touch them at all:) so no, i am not guilty k? :(

5. You died. Yes, you died, and your parents are in grief, and they dont know what to do - and i won't get informed till like a year later when i finally get to meet up with some fellas and talk about ancient times. So write a will now, and let me in on it. Say you have a letter that you just hve to send to me. It's alright if all you write in the letter is "Richard, if you're reading this, means i am dead. And no, you may not have my car - Do come for the funeral though." I shall do this for all my friends:)

6. You got stuck on an island/buried underground/doing spy work for some secret association/abducted by various possible people / etc. While all of these are highly improbable, i would still try to imagine some situation in which all hope is not lost. So try your best to build that raft out of coconuts k?

7. You're breaking up with me for someone else:( ok la, a bit extreme. Hahaha. Last thing that runs through me mind. But this also means you haven't replied me in a week!

The usual reasons of being too busy, being in camp, got some family issues etc...too boring to even to be considered. So no, cannot. Not acceptable k? If you do get through to me, do cook up something lovely like St.George revived from the dead, travelled a thousand miles to track down a dragon who has to soak up Malaysia's recent heatwave to gain enough energy to provide power to hatch a legion of tiny dragons. And you had to slay little imps with the help of old georgie cause he's now a spectre and alongside a hundred year old elf who is deaf in one ear and throws knives with his feet:)

That's it folks!