Monday, July 28, 2008

Life Journey of a "WHITE" Knight-Damned Racist.

Lol. CheeWei finally decided to blog, after seeing that Tharan was having his way too often in cyberspace, with me being too ignorant to bother about Tharan's side business, and Steve too often courting the janitor in his apartment block to even notice anything. Anyways, here's a link to the racist coconut's website.

You have been warned!! [Source Suki1Art]

Anyways, i notice that people tend to blog more when they are extremely caught up with loads of work or assignments. Like mua - fortunately i did my manacc assignment (by myself, if you wondered) and passed it up today.

Unlike certain CLUB people, who i salute for trying to change the world, who had the AGM just now (yes, you all shall be punished by having an email detailing research methodododododohly assignment tasks on wed latest!), i have been productive and been studying *unlike a certain someone who fell asleep in the lib and then had the audicity to go shopping*

This is not the CLUB i was talking about, but they look like jolly people aren't they?

Oh oh, i forgot to inform you guys of this one thing. If you ever see a Mitsubishi EVO 9 on the streets or on the highway, please do not provoke the person in it, for they might be the police:) Lols. i'm not kidding. Our Malaysian Gov is leasing 2,500 Wajas and 10!! Mitsu Evo 9 from SPANCO (which was bought by MAIC).
[Source SinChewJitPoh Via PaulTan]

Imaged sourced from PaulTan.Org

Hahahaha. Ok, Now we have Rolls Royce in Sarawak, Merc in Terrenganu. I've had this arguement in class, each one stating which cars were the best. Steve went with apek car lambo, CheeWei coconut wanted a Porshe, etc etc. All i wanted was a Maserati Gran Turismo.

I guess that's it for now:) have fun people!


Monday, July 21, 2008

Put up the peace sign//Put your index down

Try it. Honest:) I mean, try listening to the new song from Gym Class Heroes ft. Busta Rhymes "Peace Sign//Index Down". Anyway, i have something to get off my chest. There's this new song that i feel relates to my FEG, and also to Fabian Aberdeen. Here's a piece off the song

"You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys"
Katy Perry of One Of The Boys.

Psst, ask me for to play the song for you when i meet you:) and you've gotta watch the vid, it's as though it's a tribute to steve's "N*-C*ck" syndrome.

Anyways, ever had those times when you were thinking, "Wow, i really miss those old Bon Jovi songs, and i wish i could find another band that plays like them"? No? Well, i have, and i've found LivePlasma. It's this lovely site which uses names of music artists, movies, directors, actors, and link them up nicely in a web. Screenshot below:)

If you have no interest of finding the type of music you want (yes, i'm talking to you mr/mrs 60g iPod manic), just go ahead to the site, and click around. Trust me, it's a whole load of fun:)

Unto nicer news, i've heard on good authority that a certain E200 Merc KOMPRESSOR!! is more economical on the long run compared to our Perdana V6. I'm very sure that Mercs are reliable and their gear box won't die on you unexpectedly, and of course if you're a balding 50 year old, girls aren't going to step into no old Proton - you need a Merc.

No wonder one E200 is priced (min) RM125k more than our Perdana. Honestly people, if you're going to get a car, dont settle for cheap nonsense cars you can afford, just go rob a bank and get a Merc. It's better that way:)

Psssstt. Don't worry. Optimus prime is looking for abandoned Perdana's to be his disguise when he's in Malaysia.

And oh, just to satiate my inner transformers//batman child, here's a pic of what if the Tumbler was a Transformer:) it's lovely. honest.

Attn OC 08 : Kean is an idiot (yes, i know that you know that already) *evil grin* and now the supper's this thurs at Murni's. Priiisihsihhhfalalala is going to take you there, personally.
Do look out for onboard fires happening whenever Priiisihsihhhfalalala and Red Moon hero Chor Keng is in close proximity.

That's all folks. S.W.Mei is still an alcoholic no matter what she says. Shame on you S.W.Mei.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fever kept me away from the doctor.

"The world will turn if you're ready or not"
by Tunstall of Drastic Fantastic.

I like that phrase, quite a bit. Kinda like how the philosopher Jagger once said, "You can't always get what you want". Lol. Kinda like how this is now.

I wanted my fever to be gone, so that i can go to class, be a good student, do my homework, and assignments (avoid being eaten by Teresa) and pour cold water on Jaspattay, kick Steve whenever CMG is mentioned, kill Mei if ever the word pork chop ever comes out again, etc.

I did my best to get rid of the virus(es) and one day (precisely today) it was gone.

bye bye my virus, it's nice knowing you *cries*

And since i just recovered from fever, i will now excuse myself to rest more. *laughs* i know, fever is always the best excuse to get away from doing things:) and therefore i will. =P

Just wanted to let you guys know i'm still alive. ( =