Sunday, February 1, 2009

How does it add up?

First off, welcome back to reality. The fuss of the Chinese New Year plus that little break that we all enjoyed is now over. Harsh, but i'm sure that there's quite a number of people that love to not be at home, waiting for their mates/other halves to be free for the holidays. I didn't had much of a problem though, due to the advantages of diversity.

Males :
1. Malay - All missing, all six of them. hahaha.
2. Chinese - All too busy with family, and gf's family.
3. Indian - Too busy getting drunk at their chinese mates open houses.

Females :
1. Malay - All missing, all five of them. =P
2. Chinese - Too busy answering questions from their 5324 aunties/uncles about their boyfriends.
3. Indian - Too busy hauling their drunk boyfriends from their chinese friends houses.

I was at a friend's open house the other day, and when they were arranging tables to gamble&drink (what else do you at CNY open houses?), i declined. I was asked a few questions actually - mainly because they were awfully suprised.

1. No money ar? (Goodness, sakes, no.)
2. Want money, i can borrow you (lol. And people wonder why most Ah Longs are chinese)
3. Scared of losing ar? (Er..)

The best wasn't actually a question, well not directly.

"Wah, don't gamble wan ar you? So self-righteous wan."

What i think he meant was, "Wah, you so goody goody wan ar?". But just for the sake of things, let's say that he was using the word "Self-righteous" correctly (hey, PJ chinese people not bad wan k their engrish), what's so self-righteous about not gambling anyway? hahaha.

Anyways, I'm taking spanish in new coming semester. My volleyball dreams are squashed. So i won't be getting to wear that brand new pair of sports shorts that i bought. (please, i have better sense than to buy a pair of biker shorts) But what i am getting at is that, people are highly dissident about their languages.

Well, apparently (i say this because there is no empirical truth to this), our very own Bahasa Malaysia, which is a form of the Malay language, is the ninth most spoken language in the world. NINTH! zomgwtfbqq. lol. This is mainly due to Indonesia, with it's population of 237.5 million residents, and to some part, our 25.3 million Malaysians helped.

I wanted to speak Portuguese, but it isn't meant to be - MMU doesn't offer it, and i didn't take lessons from my long gone great-grandmother. So spanish it is. Not that it is so that i can diss people in it (although i will inquire about that in my classes), but also mainly it's the 4th most spoken language.

Now i have you wondering, what the hell is in the top three then? It must be

1. English
2. Mandarin
3. African?

Well, the thing is that if all africans spoke the same language, it would have been top 3, but they have 2000 over languages there. So no cattle, figuratively. Actually, Mandarin ranks at no.1, sorry mates - but it's true. And the list goes something like this:

1. Mandarin
2. English
3. Hindustani.

Hahahahaha! And people wonder whether other people actually understand what the actors/actresses in Slumdog Millionaire were talking about. They do. This is partly because we all love Bollywood, and well, they churn out a few hundred (not sure) movies a year. And we Malaysians gobble them up like it's the freshest mushroom soup in the world. Just ask our very own Dato' Bollywood (aw, c'mon, you know who) hahahaha.

And now, it's been quite a long time since i have talked about football, so here's a statement.

Thank God For David Beckham.

I never thought i would ever be making that statement. Like i said before, and many times before that, i have no idea why people would want him aside from the obvious marketing opportunities, but again and again he has proved us wrong. He can't dribble, his first touch is horrid, he can't tackle, he can't use his left foot, or his head (literally), and he isn't the one to start the lovely fluid passes.

But he can take a bloody mean freekick. So lovely is his posture that his freekicks are a trademark of the pinnacle of perfect form when you take a freekick. Now, if he would be a little bit of a freekick scorer like Juninho, i would honestly worship him.

Enough of that. And if you have read what i have said to this point, i applaud you, mainly because i would have not done it myself:)