Friday, October 30, 2009

When the box is empty

Week 12 of Mattel.

Well, today i'm on leave. And what do i do? Go service car. Lol. Hey, getting leave is not easy feat - and doing mundane things is what keeps me sane; yes i know it would have been more fun to be white water rafting or jumping off buildings with little less than a rubber-band around your feet, but for me, it's good enough not to feel adrenaline rushing thru the veins.

And well - now i have realized that coffee with red beans is quite the unexpected lovely mix. Hahahha. I was at this "fusion" something restaurant in Jaya1 la. No i wasn't being vain, just that i wanted french fries, and theirs was the cheapest. Hahahahaha. So sat down, had my fries and... "Akazuki". Yes, it was very vain of them to name it that. But lo and behold - it's kinda nice. The coffee had only an inkling of sugar, so you drink the coffee while chewing the red beans in your mouth. It's quite unexpected - this coming from a person who doesn't really appreciates red beans.

Anyways, Mr. Aussie Big Boss came down during mid week - i had this image in my head about how Mr.Aussie looked like - and it was totally opposite of what i had in mind k? Hahahahaha. At least it was a pleasant suprise la to me. And no heavy Aussie accent - so i could make out what he said - or at least i think i know what he said. ( =

Went to Iketeru in KL Hilton for dinner. The thing was right, since i went first - like 5 mins before the rest of the people, to give the car to Mie, i thought i was late ya know. Hahahahaha. On Jln Bangsar panicking cause the dinner reservation's at 7.15 and i still haven't reached. Lol. The worst part is - when i arrived - there was only my Indirect Boss and Mr Aussie there. Straight panic. Both also i have never spoken more than 30 words to. And that's including the Good mornings and such. Hahahahhaa. Luckily the whole group arrived in like ten mins - i was saved.

I didn't know Kak and Miss Supervisor don't eat raw fish wan. So weird. Actually, i don't eat raw fish also la - but not to say that i will never ever eat it. And call me a poor kid and kampung boy or whichever proverb would suit your tastes, but it's bloody expensive wei. Now i know why companies lose money. Hahahahaha.

Anyway, 6 of us - seperated to two sides facing each other - one side eats raw fish and the other doesn't. ( = Mr. Aussie is a very funny man actually. Anyway, he had this beef tenderloin (i think) teppayanki. So here's the rub, i wanted teppayanki ya know - before i went to the restaurant - but after i saw the prices, my heart dropped. Hahahaha. So ok la, then i decided on something else already, but Indirect Boss already ordered Cod Fish (they all ordered Cod Fish), and had to choose again real quick. So Chicken Teriyaki it is.

I had to change what i wanted to eat because it's the rule of thumb - never order more expensive stuff than what your boss is eating. Hahahaha. Actually it's a rule of thumb that doesn't only apply to bosses la, it applies to every makan-makan that you aren't paying for.

And do you know that Mr. Aussie doesn't know what "heaty" means? Lol. He was so bewildered by it, and apparently quite intrigued.

"Heaty? Is that even a word?".

Well, even after a whole bunch of explanations - he still didn't get it until my Indirect Boss said this

"You know how tea is supposed to be cooling? Well, it's the total opposite when you eat heaty food".

And yes, Mr.Aussie has not had the chance to eat durian before. I do think that we just love shoving this fruit to the faces of our foreign friends - i think it's more out of fun to see their reaction rather than to actually promote the fruit. Or at least that's what i think about it la. :)

Then yea lo, yesterday super busy...from 3.30 to 6.00pm. Hahahaha. I know i have said that i don't have much work to do after 2pm, but the thing was i had to notify the people that i'm on leave, then straight got a whole bunch of stuff to do. Best thing was -

"Richard, you on leave tomorrow ar? Then who will do the work? Wait wait, i faster write this up, then you can process it."

Thank you for the extra work. Hahahahaha. So today no work lo. :)

Ok la, Jas - you are still a sakai for cancelling the house warming, and unfortunately - i don't have leave d. So yea lo. Haish. Faster come back from singgie ar you.

And Fabian? I thought you wanna come back wan? No news also.
And Kumi not coming back d right? Oh well.

Toys R Us all around the country having this dunno what halloween thingie la, Saturday and Sunday - you are all invited. won't see me around la. Hahahaha. crowds are one thing i do try to avoid:)


Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Man Who Lives On A Mountain

Week eleven of Mattel.

You know, today i went to church with a wee bit of doubt in my heart. You see, they have found this Book of Judas, and it would seem that he was the greatest disciple of them all. Sure he's not Peter the Rock or Matthew the merciful, He was Judas the Traitor. So aptly named by the church so many years ago.

Well, anyway, the Book would suggest that Judas was asked by Jesus to betray him - make the ultimate sacrifice to condemn him and his family into oblivion by ratting out the Son of Man to those very bad men at that time. But it is written in the Bible that Judas did it out of greed. So yea, i'm quite shaken. Maybe it's just a hoax that someone radically wrote a couple of thousand of years ago. Who knows.

The thing is though, i don't really care much about the authenticity of these texts - cause i honestly believe in my religion. What i don't give my full heart to is the institution that upholds this religion of mine. Until i went to church today - where i heard the most lovely sermon ever.

Truth is - i had no idea what the sermon was about (a sermon is basically where the priest explains various parts of the Bible to the congregation) - because the sermon that i heard; or rather saw - was in sign language. There was this lady who sign languaged the entire sermon to this deaf person - and you know what? I thought it was the most beautiful thing. Funny how easily hope and faith can be restored huh? ( =

Anyway, week eleven of Mattel. I can leave d after this week. Though there's still three more months to my contract - but what the heck right? Have to move on with stuff. And oh oh. Big Big Boss coming for visit this coming week, and there's a dinner planned as well. Die. Lol. How if i make fun of the strange Aussie accent? Or his diminishing hair - if his hair is diminishing that is. Hahahaha. Ok enough of that.

Actually i dont have much to report this week. Everything went - almost smoothly, as usual. And one thing - i didn't know that Kak and Miss supervisor are so nice to me wan. Hahahaha. Nice to have to "tai kar che" to stand up for you. Thanks. If you ever read this blog that is. =P

Anyhow, i had steamboat with Agi, Thean and Tang yesterday - nice place. Loads of fun. And as usual - Thean has the worst sense of direction

"Richard ar, we go to the largest steamboat restaurant opposite sunway pyramid k? There's only one there."

So i led Agi to the "steamboat street" opposite Sunway pyramid la. Thing is, the one that they talked about was not the largest and is not the only steamboat place in that area. There's at least 5. Hahahahaha. Me and Agi was cursing and cursing. Great fun though. And word to the wise, don't ever order "soya bean soup". First, it's already strange to boil your fishballs in soya, the worst thing is - it tends to "glump" up and turn into some sort of yoghurt kinds paste thing after a while. Hahahahaha. No one touched it - so all had tom yam:)

And no people, i don't go steamboat all th etime - so don't go calling me up asking me to go steamboat. I much rather be eating char kuey teow - less messy and much much less strain on the already very thin wallet:)

You know ar, i've been at this old town kopitiam near my house almost every weekend. And i practically know everyone - though not by name. Hahahaha. I simple have to sit and not even say a word and walla, my drink is here. Lol.

Apart from that - year end is coming - which means that i have to age again. I really am not fond of growing old at all. It's just so much trouble to grow old and wither and not be the same. Plus the bones tend to creak more - my back will give way much faster - and i no longer have good eyesight - so when i say that you look horrid - i'm not being mean k? :)

Enough of the rants really. Do be in or become a politician and earn a peace prize in a record 6 months! Yes. Hahahaha. Now my aspirations of being a politian is peaked - but i need to learn how to speak tamil first. =P

And as the Mattel people always say, "Have a Great Week!"


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Deepavali Post

Week 10 of Mattel.

Week 10 already!!! Amazing stuff really:) You know no matter what those sakais keep saying about having more variety and balance of races in your company - it's simple really, every industry has their experts and it doesn't really boil down to races. You see, Mattel is predominantly chinese in nature - there is no doubt about that, but the thing is - our warehouse people have quite a number of Indians, and the stores that we supply, well - they have a lot of Malays. So how's that for racial integration?

See, the thing is there is no such thing as a fully well balanced company - especially in industries such as manufacturing and plantation - but the great thing is - along the line from where a product comes from to the moment where it is sold - it would have been passed along in the hands of every other race in Malaysia. It's a beautiful thing really.

And now, to you people out there - Happy Deepavali especially to my friends, and the people i work with especially those at the warehouse. Hope you have a blast and safe one. And watch those calories! ( =

Truth is, i have been eating in office. Yup, i'm guilty. Hahahaha. I couldn't leave my desk due to tonnes of work - it's been rather hectic. And boss offered no comfort to me - he told me that this is nothing compared to November due to the christmas sales. Now if i weren't a catholic - i would have cursed those nimbling nuts for celebrating a birthday on such a large scale. Hahahaha. Just kidding.

Anyways, here's my declaration - i'm cooking pork rendang and pork ponte for Jas' pot luck thing. Though it will be in quite the small portions, as i'm only looking to feed myself, Mie, Jas and her housemates. So, no, i won't be coming for the dinner itself - due to me being "anti-social" as some may say - but i will be there for lunch, with the two said dishes. So let me know if you want in - i won't be cooking extra, or rather i cook extra also useless cause Jas would have gobbled it up. Let me know la ar, if you want to makan - Warning though: for those who have makaned my mom's cooking - it won't quite be the same, mom said that she won't be helping out much in the cooking cause she's expect my cooking to be about 50% of her cooking, which is still roughly about 1902389123781% better than Mei's cooking. Hahahaha.

And anyway enough about rambling about food. Oh Food. Char kuey teow at Tmn Desa today. Haiyo. I was there earlier - second time already la i smelt this awesome char kuey teow. But today i already had lunch before i went there, so i was debating whether to go makan or not...debate debate...then.. the uncle close shop d. Shit! Hahahaha. Oh well, there's always another time right? *fingers crossed*

Oh, you know now at work, they don't bother asking me if i want cakes or cookies d. Which is quite disturbing. Simply because, they will just put it on my desk. Hahahhahaha. One day i just balik from the washroom, and there were cookies on my table. Then the other time, i was told there's cake in the pantry la, i said i will go take it later. Miss supervisor took a slice (a big one no less) and put on my desk. Hahahahaha.

This conspiracy to get me fattened up isn't going to work, but i was too lazy to explain to them why. So i just left it at that - besides, who in their right minds would complain if food magically appears on their desks? ( =

And to Agi, i'm so sorry i didn't go your open house today. I know. I'm horrible at directions la. Hahahahaha. I dont know street names and such. Yes, i would have better luck finding china than getting to rawang - no matter the directions that are given to me. Unless i was following someone there - there is no way i could go. Lol. And for years, i didn't know where the SPRINT highway was, until i realized that i have used it on numerous occasions. Hahahahhaa.

Fine, "ejek" me all you want k? Lol. Anyways - have a great week - i'll be back next week with more nonsense:)


Friday, October 9, 2009

Bloody Annoying.

Week nine of Mattel

You know, there isn't much a boon in being a thin person. Honestly. You get jeered more than people who aren't. Which annoys me even more - just because i'm thin doesn't mean i chose to be that way, it's the same with people who aren't k? Be a little bit more considerate. Lol. End of rant. Actually not yet end la, the thing is since i'm on the lighter side of the weighing scale - means that i can't refuse anything that the office people bring to work.

All sorts of cheesecakes (which seem to be the fav thing to bake there), cookies and such - is put in front of me and i have no reason to not accept them. Die i tell you. Once i did try, and you know what the retort was?

"You on diet ar, don't go on diet la, you so thin also diet, then we how?"

Hahahaha. How? I dont know how! Don't ask me. Have to take the cake lo then. Lol.

So there was a bday celeb in office. I thought they did individual ones wan, but see see, month of Oct one shot. I have no idea why. Boss asked me when was my bday, i told him that passed already - which is true la, passed so many times d. Hahahahhaa. Shit. Now have to go cover my ass and talk to the HR manager to leave me out of this. Maybe there won't be one - since i'm an intern and all, but still skeptical. Thought of taking leave during my bday wan - but now it won't be effective also and would only waste my leave.

Anyway, I have a message for you kids out there who ask your parents to fetch you - please don't keep them waiting k? I was waiting at the lrt station for mie la, opposite this mall, where i parked and i sat on the sidewalk la - cause yes, i bodoh bodoh came super early. Then got this uncle who parked his waja behind my car, and sat on the sidewalk also la. And lo and behold - after an hour, he was still there, but he's sleeping. In my mind i was like "CRAP, what if i leave before this uncle does?". So i kept an eye out for him la - it was getting rather late already.

Then wait and wait - lucky he got phone call and left just mins before i did. Phew. If not i *might* have stayed with him until he gets his passenger. But i didn't go purposely intro myself or anything - so he might have thought of me as one of the prospective robbers instead. Hahahahaha.

And oh, had dept lunch this week. Wanna know why we suddenly got dept lunch? Cause boss saw the other dept got dept lunch, then he also want to do dept lunch. The other dept had reason - mourn the departure of an employee and celebrate the coming of a new one. Hahahahaha. I mean what the hell right? On a whim only. But free lunch - not complaining one bit:)

And the other day finally Ah Boy's track set came la. Damned funny la he. A little intro - he loves fried fish - like cannot peel him away from it wan. So he was enjoying his treat when i came home la. Saw me carrying a plastic bag and straight rushed at me with this very happy grin.

"Ko-ko" *smile*

Stupid konon innocent smile. Hahahaha.

Then he put his grubby hands on the box. Mom straight scold him - cause his hands oily ma from eating the fish. Then ok lo, i ma take out the box from the plastic and put in front of him la. He stare like some professor staring at a math question like that. Hahahahaha. Straight wanna play wo. Mom asked him to finish up his fish first - and for the very first time in history, he said he don't want the fish d. Hahahahaha. Bloody hell.

Anyway, called his mom to ask if can open the box to assemble the track set la. She said she was downstairs d wo, say bring home fix - then mom gave the phone to boy for his mom to tell him off la.

"Mommy, track. open ar? plisss. can open ar. Yes. ok"

Hands the phone back to mom.

His mom told my mom, she actually said no. Hahahahaha. No choice, open lo. Hahahahaha.

Then open, pour out the contents, then see see need batt and there's none provided. Can see his face change terus tau. Hahahaha. I said to mom that just use the batts inside dad's torchlight la (no spare ma at home). Then i start assembling la, or tried to. He kept taking away the parts.

His mom came, and she was like "aiyo". Lol. She helped me assemble with Ah Boy in our faces, taking up parts and pretending like it's this and that. One part he took, and exclaimed it was a traffic light. Which the track didn't have and it did not look like a traffic light at all!

Finally got the track set up la - turn on only, it was the 360 track set la, it was moving at light speed lo. Hahahaha. Even i was suprised. Boy couldn't follow the movements of the car at all. Hahahahaha. He just stared at the one part of the track only. Finally switched it off, and guess what - i carried the track to Boy's house in the other block. Hahahahaha. Luckily there weren't any kids that gawked at us while we passed the playground. =P

When i reached the house - first time go ma, boy wanted to give me tour of the house and show me his toys. Hahahahaha. Tak semangat layan. Also, he said wanna bring the track tomorrow to show uncle, cause my dad tak nampak his track lagi. That one i don't know if he did ask his mom to bring the track to my house.

OK, enough of that. Boss gave me a project to do - improve the order processing he says. You know ar, a rookie like me ar to perfect a system that has existed and been perfected countless times ar - i have no idea how to. But i will most definately give it a shot. Hahahaha.

That's it for this week folks.


Note : To whomever who wants to organize a suprise party for whomever ar, please don't email me - i take forever to reply wan. actually i take exactly one week to reply. Hahahahaha.

Happy belated bday Jaspattay - hope you enjoyed your suprise party:)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The KFC Deal

Week eight of Mattel.

I survived! Yay. It was an extraordinary week. Because the warehouse was closed earlier in the week, and was only open on friday. Hahahaha. So had to rush like crazy on friday - hit six figures worth of orders. Ok fine, so i wasn't the one who made those sales happen, but i am in charge of moving the stuff along:)

Anyways, this week boss had me rummagging thru C4982's. That's the hotwheels basic car. Something about toy safety and Sirim and the Government regulation that required him to submit samples - but needed to clarify the whole process first. So needed the Hotwheels cars as samples. And guess what - i went thru roughly 10 or so boxes full of those basic cars in the reception area.

one box = 72 units = 720 units that were on display in the mattel reception area. Lol. The funny part was, everyone who passed by thought i was just messing around. Hahahahaha. I had a mission k? Find the same car design but in different colours. And trust me, it wasn't a very easy job. After the 200th car i saw, i was basically blurred out. Lol.

Steve came in for interview at Mattel. Didn't do too well. Hope he gets thru though. Real sakai la he. If you want details, ask him k? I'm not the type to air dirty laundry out to dry. Hahahaha.

And oh, there's an airshow going on at Subang TUDM - i think it's the Aussie jets. They have been practising ya know - near my office. Quite alarming la, cause they sounded like they were really really close by. One of the bosses was asked what she would do if one of the jets were to crash into the building. And she said

"I don't think i would jump lo - i'm very afraid of height wan. I rather get burnt alive"

I couldn't stop laughing - but i did had to laugh discreetly. Hahahahaha.

And i kena remarked by Kak Supervisor yesterday. She was talking to one of the finance people, when the finance person said this about me

"Nampak macam dia buat banyak kerja ar, selalu busy aje"

You know what Kak Supervisor said (albet with a very wicked grin)

"Ala, dia pura-pura sibuk aje"

LOL. what the hell? Hahahhaa. Busy k? Sometimes not la, but at that time quite busy k?

And oh the title refers to this very charming couple that me and Mie met at KFC, they offered us this coupon for less the value. And i bought it. They so cute la. Hahahaha. When i grow old, i wanna go sell coupons at KFC also:)

They said that they get coupons from friends and all sorts of meetings that they go to. And when mie went to the restroom, they kept on talking to me - telling me about those good old days when food was only 5 cents:) Very lovely people. I wish them well, and a whole load of goodwill. Now give me your KFC coupons! Hahahahhaha.

And oh, i almost forgot. Deepavali coming soon. So invite me k? Doesn't matter if you're chinese or malay or "lain-lain". Hahahahaha. But i do have to stress that i will not travel more than 20km from my house. =P

Oh oh - one more story. You know that Malaysia was hit with the tremors right? Apparently, my mom didn't feel a thing, and neither did the kids. When i came home, everyone was standing outside the apt, i thought maybe power outage la. See See tremors. The funny thing was, my next door neighbour, this very jolly man had this to say

"I tengah duduk atas lantai la, makan maggi mee - watching tv. Suddenly my maggi mee bowl started to move away from me - i pun shocked la, then everything started shaking jugak. Phone i pun jatuh" and he added this for good effect

"Nasib baik maggi mee saya tak tumpah".

Hahahahahaha. I tell you, Malaysians and their food ar. There was this one story some time back, a bunch of people was eating at this roadside stall, they saw this car coming real fast at them la - you know what they saved ar? Their bowls of assam laksa. The owner of the stall only walked away with his soup scoop. Lol. I tell you ar... Hahaahahha. (not sure if it was assam laksa and a soup scoop, but definately whatever that they were eating la)