Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Look what i found!

Today, after exams, i surfed the web, in search of inner peace and a tranquil state of mind, and i found

1. The Pirate Bay changed it's name to commemorate the Beijing Olympics, It's now called "Beijing Bay"! (it's more like they are being chased down by the internet fed to take down the olympic torrents.)

anyways, here's the link to the site, and a pic of the new logo:)
And oh remember, Malaysia is hosting one of Pirate Bay's servers:)

2. WE ARE ALL BILLIONAIRES! In Zimbabwe that is. With the inflation rate now 2,000,000% (yea, whine about the 7.7% in Malaysia), the Gov there has now printed new bills to make "carrying around" your loose change a wee bit easier.

Meaning RM1.00 = 112,286,007,700 Zimbabwean Dollars. Here's a 100 Billion dollar bill. No Kidding. [Source CNN]

3. Ever wanted to have a manga (jap graphic novel) style picture of yourself? No? Doesn't matter, here's a link to YourFaceManga, and here's a sample!

Probably not so same, but close enough for a nut. ( =

That's about it.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Weekend activity list,

1. Don't wake up too early in the morning, cause i'd be

2. Drink coffee. because ya know, coffee is good for you:)

3. While awake, must study this

while having coffee because coffee makes you productive!

4. Every 15 minutes, refresh the link for Mousehunt on facebook, and catch mousies. I have this love hate relationship with this app. and i'm totally addicted. stupid app.

5. Sleep. &. coffee. more. ( =

Don't waste a drop!

Oh well, that's how weekends will be. Have fun people!


Saturday, August 9, 2008


Our dear old Jaspattay, has vanished in an incident involving an overly "herbed" stew dish at an unknown location yesterday. Those days involving her chasing you down for those lost reports, over-due assignments, and for the sheer fun of it, stalking you in her tiny Viva has now ended.

For those who know her, she was a no-nonsense tom-boy with no regard for your views on her. That has not changed for the past 15 or so years that i have known her. The sheer glee on her face when she gets to command and order you around stays on till the day that she left us.

The fact that she loathes all those skirts, refuses to know how to apply make-up or even try to varnish her own nails, has left her imperfect, but strangely uppped her appeal to most of her clique. Not only that, but any colours that might depict "weakness", such as pink and purple were mostly scorned by her.

Some of us might miss the crazy lady who did 5000km in her first month with baby Viva, chasing food all across Malaysia (and some say that she actually swam over to Indonesia to taste this weird ox tail soup filled with piranha eyeballs.)

Some of us might not even blink now that she is gone, considering those times when we shudder at those autocratic manic personality of hers (which she enthusiastically apply to everyone with the help with a few well built bodyguards)

So now, i bid her au revoir, sayonara, xai chian, bye bye Jaspattay. I know that wherever you are now, there's a good-looking, beefy, rich(er than most of us), racing-enthusiast, shoe/watch-holic, food loving guy that's looking after you. Hope you'd be loving every moment of it.

Just something that i did, not much of an artist, but that's the least i can do. *sobs*

Bye bye~


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The finance side of things

I have never blogged about finance before though apparently it's my supposed forte. So i won't. *evil laugh*

Anyways, here i sit, still pondering what assignment that i'm supposed to do, when i realized that i don't really have anything to do, except to study for my mid terms, and brush up on the referencing part of Research Methodododohliegie assignment.

So i looked up at you, wondering i'm supposed to do for assignments [photo courtesy of Zack Boy]. Then i said

=P Don't ever buy this drink, because if you're finding a reason to hate Singaporeans more, this is it. Just kidding. It's horrid. Like some genius went and mixed stale Kickapoo with a whole load of pomagranate juice and added in some expired Sprite, and a drop or two of fermented grape juice (all minus the CO2 and the ethanol). Don't ask me how i know stale Kickapoo tastes like.

I'm at this Old Town Cafe near my house writing this. Do you know that unlike the other cafes that offer Wi-Fi, this one doesn't limit your torrent/p2p downloads? I'm not kidding. I know all Starbucks and Coffee Beans outlets do it, because they are running on limited bandwidth, but i'm suspecting a 2Mbps line here.

Anyways, how many of you guys actually bring your laptop to your eating/watering hole to do some work? I suspect not many, but what about those times when you need to do that extra bit of work, or to put in some extra orders for that rising AirAsia stock? I've sat here for like an hour, and i noticed at least 15 laptops around, including a certain MBA (damned show-off) and also two EEEs.

Take this poll now! I want to know what do you do when nature calls and you're all alone:)