Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I need a new title

I need a title generator. And RM80 to buy a Kaspersky anti-virus program. Actually, i just need the key, the program can download wan. Oh wells. I don't know how much my previous post has helped the citizens of malaysia, but i hope that it did, in some way. Hahahaha.

Ok, i'm now officially a bum living out of my parent's house. I am still unemployed. But it helps to know that jas makes employment sounds like hell, but it's not much comfort! Lol. Yes, currently rotting at home, with zero stuff to do. I know i would dread the day that i start work, and basically there's only two more interviews to go (hopefully, there's only one for IBM)

Anyways,How have you people been? I have a confession to make here and i dedicate this to an old friend of mine. Here goes

"You and i, have been together for the past 6,7 years - and boy, were they fun times. So much we have sacrificed for the cause, and so much blood and tears and sweat. We endured so much, the falls were admittedly more than that of the tears of joy that should have been.

The greed that caused you to go, i know it's not your fault, it never is. I had hoped that you would always be around, ya know, to lift everyone's spirits, to make sure that no one falls down - but i know there are forces at work that none of us can stop no matter how hard we tried.

I can only wish you the best, and hope that we grow stronger in your absence, that everything will be alright. I know there are a few that has been tempted, and with you leaving, they would never be the same. I do hope that they will not be lured away the way that you did.

Adios, Kaka. There will never be a 22 quite the same as you.

And to you, MR President. I know times are bad, and i know that money isn't easy to come by, and 60+million euros is a huge sum. But do know that there's only so much we can handle. Italians may have the patience, but do note that AC Milan isn't some backwater club that sells her players on a whim. I, now, put forth a few pleas,

1. Don't let Pato leave.
2. Kick out seedorf, ambro and sheva.
3. Get someone to partner Silva.
4. Don't hope for Beckham to save us (again) next Febuary.
5. Buy the Frenchman. Ribery, not Trezenogoals.
6. Give Leonardo your full support, like how we would.

forza milan.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Interview Questions

Alright. I've seen that this blog has loads of people clicking on it hoping to find some form of interview questions etc. So here i am to "service" all of you interviewee hopefuls. Note that this if for non-technical interviews only - and it's for fresh grads. (note: Malaysia only, plus these things you can already find on

1. Shell Interview
Look, i didn't get past the initial interview but here's what the initial interview was like (i can't put forth the real questions, but i can give you a general description). They will ask you on Life experiences. Yup. Nothing apart from that. Just how you have been in leadership roles, and how you handle yourself in certain sticky situations.

And then you will be given 4 questions, where you choose one, and elaborate on it. Think wide and big people. Say "If the company is doing THIS but want to venture into THAT, how would you proceed". Think fast, you have approx. 20 seconds to start talking:) Then it's all done.

2. IBM Interview.
Lol. Technically i haven't been to a face-to-face interview yet, but there i did go through an impromptu telephone interview beforehand. The usual stuff "Why do you want to join IBM?", "What are your plans if you get in?", and "What do you bring to the company?". Standard stuff. Then there will be two aptitude tests, one more skewed to reasoning, and the other more towards math. If you pass both, you'll be where i am now, waiting for that one last interview.

3. CIMB Complete Banker's Programme.
Now this is the kicker. First interview will be a face-to-face interview with the HR, usually max 3 people, and you might go in the interview with another candidate. Questions? The standard ones. But there's a little twist to it. It helps to remember the entire B.O.D, the operations that CIMB conducts, and the subsidiaries of CIMB group. In short, do your homework people. (and to those who aren't in the business line, you'd better have a good answer as to why you wanna do banking)

If you get through, you'll be asked to go to Deloitte Kassim Chan for an aptitude test - iq, spatial recog, math etc. Roughly 400 Questions in one hour. Good luck to you. My advice? Do what you can, and don't cheat. If you do cheat, you will be failed on the spot. This is the second stage.

Then if you pass it (my second stage results took a month to arrive), you'll be asked to present a presentation, the topic will be emailed to you probably one or two days beforehand, mine came in today. It'll be before 3 people, namely 2 from HR and one senior director (i think). You'll have 15 mins. Wish me luck. As for the topic, it'll be something you learn in your finance class, so don't fret. It's useless for me to tell you the topic as it would vary. This is the third stage.

The fourth stage, if you pass, would be a face-to-face interview with Puan Hamidah, Head Group Resources (maybe), with a few others. They'll see if you are suitable, then you get in:) There are 4 intakes in a year, March, July, Sept and entah. Lol. But they interview all year long.

4. Sunway's SMART Programme.

First, would be a phone interview. Please do not screw this one up, cause there's a tonne of applicants, and only so many places offered. Just some general questions about yourself, then they'll invite you for the face-to-face interview if they like you:)

Then, face-to-face interview. It's kinda like shell's, just getting to know you better. They'll ask some questions that they think people should know about SUNWAY, so once again, please do your homework. They will call you back if they like you:)

It will be a whole day group assessment next. 3 different business games, and at least one presentation in one of them. So be alert. Once again, it's useless to tell you exactly what they do there, cause it varies. But i do know they will feed you breakfast and Lunch at their Sunway Resort and Spa hotel. So be grateful k? :)

If you pass...then i don't know already. lol.

5. Colgate Trainee.

well, i'm not that knowledgeable in this one. What i know is that, there is a phone interview, then aptitude test, then assessment lo. Hahahaha.

That's about it folks, the 2009 malaysia top job interviews (i think). I did went for another one, but they just asked standard questions and nothing quirky.

Good luck to all of you and to me too.