Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's that weird feeling again

You know, the one on Mondays where you sit down at your usual desk and wonder "Why?" and probably give out a sigh along with the words "I hate Mondays". You see, i don't exactly hate Mondays, I see Sundays as the start of the week (till i had to revert my decision that Mondays are the starting day of the week for some person's sake).

Yesterday (Monday of course you nitwits), was a little bit more fun to me, not because it's the start of me studying for my finals, or that i have to come back to a ill-forgotten, god-forsaken rut of a place which you might recognize through the name "Cyberjaya". No. It had only one silver lining, and boy, was it a glittery one:)

You know how rivalries go? Like Pepsi managed to garner a sucker punch to Coca-cola by signing Henry to do their adverts? Or like how Maxis always gets the better concerts in town at the expense of DiGi (and a certain other telco). Or like how TmNet flexes its muscles and gets 70% of the broadband customers from all its rivals? Well, that's the same with a football derby. And this one's special, this one is between Golden Balls AC Milan vs. The Special One's Inter Milan.

It was a classic. Like how Jack Bauer would have braved the entire day, stop a few nuclear warhead from flying off to Russia, and still not go to the restroom to relieve himself. As epic as possibly the first discovery of dinosaur bones in your backyard, and then having that newly found lizard named after you, something like FabesIsASakaisaurus, or steveBodohsaurus.

And last but not least, it's as sweet as those cupcakes you say you love so much. Or those non-revolving sushi bars that you say are lovely. Or even that mamak's nasi lemak ayam that you declare as the nectar of heaven. I wouldn't know that (and i don't eat cupcakes, or love jap food that much). But what i do know is that-what happened was sweet, no matter the bitterness endured before it happened.

What makes it more special was that first time ride on the carousel (which someone almost misplaced) and the 23rd ice-cream flavour made by your favourite ice-cream maker. The scringe on your face when you hear that the pork-chop has vanilla sauce on it, only to realize, that "Hey, it actually tastes good!". The special feeling, almost akin to the empty roads of KL during Hari Raya, where you're the King of the Road, and speed all you want, park where you want - the cops are on hols:)

So what i'm trying to say is that.

Milan won 1-0. Inter lost.
2 red cards to Inter.
And Ronaldinho scored (with his head!!)
And Ka-Pa-Ro is back in business.

I hate you Milan, for making my hopes swell. If you don't win the next match, there's be no more post-match lasagna for you.

The Ka-Pa-Ro (Pato left, Ronaldinho, Kaka), then Seedorf (who played lovely in defensive mid) and Ambrosini


Maaf kepada Encik Zahir dan Encik Batin.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Olympics is over. YAY!

For me that is, but the Paralympics is still on (in case you didn't know). Anyways, here's my fav picture of the Olympics - it reminds us that, even if you are a fictitious character, shit still happens [Via 713 Avenue]

Anyways, i have been missing a month! Wow. Damned. Only had time do a quick post after my assignments were done, though i still have one more to go + a mid term + a lab test(no, not the one where you dissect lab mice, that's just not ethical.)

But unlike some people, who posted a stupid road sign, and some lengthy monologue about how he's supposed to save the world, i'm determined to give you a proper post. Afterall, i did went missing. So here goes.

1. Random fact of the year.
Roughly 20 people die a year due to shark attacks
Roughly 50 people die due to bees attacks.

Roughly 100 people die each year because they choke on their ballpoint pens.
Roughly 20 people a year die trying to shake a vending machine to get free stuff.
So....yup. We did it to ourselves really.

maybe they tried to get one of these from the vending machine.

2. Controversy of the month.
Nope, not the political stuff, that one you can see on CheeWei's blog. I'm talking about Lewis Hamilton. Yes the boy who is too young too drink but is driving a car on speeds that we can only dream off. He really should retain his win, but oh well, doesn't matter. Massa's moving up. I like Massa. ( = unlike the plenty of Miss Gimme Kimi fangirls out there. (Yes, i'm talking about you Jaspattay! and Mei! and Girls!)

Probably kimi and schuiee when they are older:)

3. The Burning Man
It's this thingie that's held each year, with the contributors/exhibitionists putting out their creative works of art on show. There's a catch though, the exhibits have gotta be melded out of metal, and they have got to incoporate some sort of flame thrower:) I love it! Here's a pic, and a link to the 13 most coolest pieces of art ever! [Via MatadorNights]

Mutopia is the name of this one:)

Aptly named "Big Rig". It's mind-bending!

4. Emblems
You know those cool emblems that usually have a skull and bones that are patched on that oh so lucky fighter jet pilot you see in the movies? well, this is by far, the most meaningful emblem. Ever! More here [Via Wired]

5. That's all Folks!
No really. That is all:)