Monday, June 30, 2008

Did you know?

I like the "did you know....?" questions, they always give me some sort of weird info about stuff that i don't need to know, so here i am giving you a few "did you know...?" stuff as well:) read on!

Did you know...
That every analogue watch advertisement out there (probably about 95%) has the minute and hour hands at 10 and 2? Like this advert below. It is said to frame up the brand name of the watch. and oh, the seconds hand is always from 6-9. Honest!

Did you know...
That deodorant, lipstick, margarine, sunglasses, soap, toothbrushes, and crayons are made out of petroleum? I'm not kidding!

Did you know...
That it is not the forests that are generating the most of our oxygen, it's the phytoplankton (plankton - which are whale food). It is estimated that they generate more than 70% of the world's supply of oxygen. Feel free to chop down more trees.

Did you know...
That we actually have a new ruling in America that states that, in case of an asteroid hitting the Earth, we would have Americans launching nuclear missiles to deflect them:)

Did you know...
That (usually, normally) your left arm swings when your left leg moves. Try it. *evil grin*

Did you know... (This is mainly to satisfy the Lego Person in Me)
19 Billion Lego elements are made each year:)
Lego Personnel have minifigs as name cards (I WANT ONE!!) *pic below*

Did you know.. (YOU MUST TRY THIS!!!!)
Yahoo Mail now has a new feature. Compose a new e-mail, then click on the subject button.

Below are a few that came up:) just click on the subject button repeatedly.

"You're that crazy shark, aren't you?
"I'm just a dolphin, maam."

"I eat tofu and I vote."

"Up ahead! It's a DONUT HUT!!"

"I hate eating breakfast on an empty stomach"
"My brain is not large enough to destroy the entire world when unfolded."

And oh, to teresa, just in case you think i'm goofing off, i'm not:) here's a screenshot of the journals i'm currently digesting:)

And oh, for people who wonder what i do during my weekends, apart from doing slave work for teresa, i do pretty much everything, even including the kitchen sink. Literally. lol. Me and dad changed the old rotten kitchen sink last saturday, and it wasn't easy.

The old sink. Rotten sink. =P

The equipment. Hahaha. Kids aren't allowed.

The new sink:) Yay!!

And anyway, that's all folks! Be good and be Merry!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I've been reading blogs such as Celine OC, Steve FEG, Den OC, and they're all suffering from Post-OC'ic Emotional Trauma, or POET for short. Ok enough. I have my ways of medicating myself of POET, which is to drown myself with coffee. Sort of. One Uber cold coffee coming right up:)

First, fill up a cup half full with water, and shove it into the freezer for like 4 hours, or until the water's all frozen over. Next make a cuppa pipping hot coffee. Just like in the picture below

The result? Lovely cold coffee:) Though it would only be superbly cold when the ice finally dislodges from the bottom, but no matter!

And oh, just add in a green Strabucks straw (which was "curi"ed from Starbucks, no less) and walla, you're set to open your own cafe!

But no, that's not what i wanted to blog about. Actually i do have a rough idea what i wanna blog about - until i saw the posts of the POET infected people, then i lost all motivation. So i shall leave you with this lovely site that i have found instead.

It's called Sensible Units. And what it does is to convert regular stuff like kilogrammes, miles into funny things:) let me show you a few printscreens :)

Go try it out for yourselves:) Let me know what sort of madness you can come up with:)


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another one?

I'm pleased to announce that today is the birth date of T.Taufik, 19th June. The problem is, i don't have a nice picture of him (apart from the ones where he's sleeping or not smiling) so, i got the next best thing.

You see, today he was referred to as Master Oogway (the tortoise from Kung Fu Panda), because he quoted loads from the words of Master Oogway, knows how to swim, and was co-incidentally wearing green today. So ShotGan so generously gave that name to Taufik. And here is the picture of Taufik after lunch:)

Picture taken from

Anyway, if you guys didn't know this already, Mozilla Firefox 3 was launched yesterday, with a mission to getting into the Guiness World Book of Records as the "Most downloaded software in one day". And unsuprisingly, more than 8million downloads were recorded! Yay! Maybe it won't be fully recognized, but i did my share, and my Firefox 3 is working nicely:) Love the extremely huge green "Back" button.

Oh, to recognize the people who made it all happen, mainly us - the people who have downloaded Firefox 3, the website "Spread Firefox" will be giving away certificates for those who have been diligently downloading and using Firefox 3. So pat yourself on the back and hit this link, enter your name and click enter. Just because only 35k people in Malaysia downloaded Firefox 3 doesn't mean you can't get the thank you cert:)

I've gotten mine already:)

Anyways, just two news for now. And oh, MMU cyber is looking for lifeguards to safe guard people from drowning in the new pool. So if you are qualified, please go volunteer your services and all of us will be happy. There is an upside, people love Life Guards, just look at Baywatch:)


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Speaking too fast too soon.

I wanted to blog about the Orientation thing that happened over the past two weeks, but i have no pictures to substantiate my claims that Steve looked ridiculously gay, Tharan was actually in love with Kavi (a buff guy, no less), Chee Wei was called "cute" by several guys disguised as girls, Taufik is cute when he doesn't smile, Keat Yee & Ping Ting are insane when they don't sleep enough, and a whole lot more. But you see, i have no pictures to prove it to you. So unto something else.

My second choice of topic was the new LRT extensions, snaking all around the Golden Triangle, to PJ, to Putrajaya, then Subang and back to the Golden Triangle. The problem is again, whilst it would make my life easier, and i have the map (sourced from TheStar), and there is a clear honest intention of the Government to implement it and all. But the thing is, it's only going to be completed in 2012, which by then would render all Malaysians dead or too poor to use it.

So, yes, i'm facing a writer's bloc(k). It's not easy ya know, not touching the keypad for more than 2 weeks, and then coming back to sum up everything in like, 5 paragraphs. lol. Oh well, i shall just call it a very problematic week, with this as my symbol for until my muse arrives.

And oh oh. I forgot. I know what i wanted to write! Damn. My uni (and yours of course) has officially opened the new "olympic" sized swimming pool. Not sure if there would be "girl's only days", but i'm pretty darn sure no one else has used it, apart maybe from the janitors. And they would be charging per entry soon, so you might wanna soak yourself in some free water while you can. For me, i live in selangor, first 20 cubic metres of water is free, so no prob on my end:)

Note the left side, there's this viewing thingie for parents, lecturers, and perverted students to sit while they watch the others swim:)

Another view of it. It's 1.8m deep, in every corner of the pool! damn.

And of course, not forgetting the kiddy pool for people who can't swim, but wish to get wet anyway, like Lit Shiuan.

The problem with this pool is that, although it's huge and superbly deep - There is no Life-Guard(s) whatsoever to keep you safe. There's a security guard though... *evil grin*

Anyway, i forgot about another thing that i wanted to post about. Street Graffiti (or art if you may), has been a mainstay of Pasar Seni for years now. And since i was at Pasar Seni last sunday (waiting for a certain useless bus, no less) i took a few pics (there were more, but the useless bus might leave at any moment, so...) here goes!

I have seen another one of this, reading "Why catch truants instead of criminals?" lol. "Out of the box is kinda nice too:)

I have no idea what this is meant to be. But it looks really nice when coupled with the blue&red stripes of TNB:)

Lacking a DSLR, and super-powers & super-madness to capture this image, i simply took ir from quite a distance. This particular row of graffiti was done in the middle of the night, at the walls of the monsoon drain. Looks great, except due to it's location, it's kinda hard to appreciate. lol.

Anyways, i guess that's about it. New week, with new lecturers, new subjects to get tortured by. Have fun people!


Saturday, June 7, 2008

The other excuse

Here i am, in MMU again for my holidays. It's weird and wacky and very unlike me, i know. I've been cut off from any form of electronic communication for (almost) a week. All for the sake of the orientation of the new kids that are coming to play in the big kids' playground. What i have done here i shall list down in a neat little list for you all to read, so bear with me:)

1. I have never exercised so much in over 100 years. Honest. Running around is not a very strong forte of mine, unless you're coming after me with a machete in your hands.

2. I have never spoken B.M so much!! It's crazy, really.

3. People are always curious about my background. I've been called a Malay, Vietnamese, Nepalese, but never have i been called a Bugis. Maybe i should start using some whitening cream =P

4. Waking at 6am is madness. Honest.

5. Singing silly songs is fun when there's other silly people around doing it too - and when we all dont know the lyrics:)

Got one more week here, it's 70+ of us to care for 550 of the new kiddies, and 1000 more kiddy like parents to deal with. Wish me luck. Really loads of it.

And oh, announcements.

1. Rachel - your tag..hehehe. You have to wait for a while for me to do it. Might not do it at all, so don't go sharpen your guillotine ok? ( =
2. Angelyn - Happy Bday!
3. Jaspattay + Mei = sakai. Jas x Mei = Super Sakai.
4. Mega Mac, wait for me!!
5. Congrats to those who got lovely jobs for your industrial training:)
(laura, shea, isaac, teh, etc)
6. Fabs = gay. Fabes + Shopping = Plead for sex change.
7. Kumi - wait le. busy busy.

That's it. I shall be back to haunt your lives soon:)