Thursday, November 12, 2009

The times that come with it

Ok, so i didn't blog last week. Anyway - i had a lovely thingie sent from central - so no more updates of what's going on in the office. But i can say about things that are to be. There's this Barbie Fashion show this weekend. Tomorrow to be exact. My very first fashion show, and suprise suprise, I have no idea what to wear. Hahahahaha.

And oh, apparently to advertise my company's events i have to ask permission from central first. But i shall just put in a quick mention here because we're already distributing flyers and such - so shall just quote what's in it.

Mattel Mini clearance Sale.
4th floor Menara Lien Hoe,
Persiaran Tropicana Golf Country Resort.
Thursday - 10.00am to 5.00pm
Friday - 10.ooam to 3pm.

Hahahaha. And i shall be the sales promoter for the day. And no, i won't be shadowing your every move and looking over your shoulder - just come and get your stuff. And yes, the goods are much cheaper than what you see in the stores. And no, we aren't competing with the stores, it's like spring cleaning for the new year:) There'll be about 80 different items to be sold, and also loads of Hot Wheels Basic cars (which i plan to buy myself.) Hahahaha. Come k? And bring your family, friends, colleague, janitor, security guards, etc:)

And as for me, things are going great so far, i think. Arrggh - it's super hard to write a post without mentioning work!

Oh, JJ left today. I'm sad. A lot of people are sad. When you're driving at God forsaken times in the morning, a crazy man with an infectious laugh makes great company. There was this girl who called in today, and she cried. I almost cried. The thing is though, there's have been so many combinations between JJ and other radio DJ's, but he's like the one irreplacable one. So here's to JJ, and good luck in your future endavours.

And if the mornings are limited to's morning crew, the evenings is occupied by Jules and Prem. The problem is, these days, tend to split these two up. You know what they say about splits, they are messy and ugly. Hahahaha. Now my mornings won't be the same, and my evenings are not any better. I don't know what to do anymore. And Mootz, as great as he is, isn't going to make my morning drives the same.

So that's it from me i guess. The turn of events really makes me quite sad. Oh well.
Have a great weekend you guys! ( =