Friday, December 18, 2009

Santa's coming to town

Look, here's the thing alright? Christmas is here. And you guys have to bloody move your arses to get those pressies or else incur the wrath of whomever that you're going to receive pressies from. Luckily for me, since i do shun presents and i do not want to receive any, i only have to get Mie pressies :) Which i did. A barbie doll and...a carriage from Barbie and the Diamond castle.

Yes, the above said carriage. Lol. And i might just buy myself next year's track-set as my own present. Hahahahha. And the carriage, it's large. That little seat behind there, fits a 12" Barbie, with room to spare. =P

Anyway, I got Jamie a nice white handbag for her birthday. Yes, i know the b-day's next year, but buy early la! Hahaha. Plus it looks good on her, and me - cause i carry it around. And people do stare, but i guess it's out of admiration, who else would have a faux leather 80's styled white tote bag with loud pink "Barbie" written at the side huh? Hahaha.

And, my time in Mattel has drawn to a close. Come new year, i would no longer be with them. It's sad to be leaving a company that you have come to grow really attached to, working with people who genuinely care about you. It's much easier to be attached to all of them, cause it's such a small company to begin with, at least it's small in Malaysia that is.

I'm leaving to sell Char Kuey Teow at some street corner. Hopefully, i would not be sued for food poisoning. And i'll bloody hell do my darnest to survive:)

And to the people of Mattel that i work with, if you are reading this (which i really hope you aren't); i will miss you, and i do appreciate every single moment that i have had with you lovely people. Well...most of the moments are appreciated. =P

And unto this one thing that have been bugging me. You see, i read the other day (or rather a few weeks have gone by since reading it) in the Sun, the editor made a lovely column about animal cruelty, and how being a vegan saved the world. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, it's great actually. Just let me share my very narrow and slanted views.

I care for most life forms. But there's one that is pretty much equivalent to those poor chickens that the editor had written in the column. Let's call them "abc" k?

You see, the abc have been around a very long time. They were a free species once, and proud ones at that. They have emotions, and a need for space just like our dear friends, the chickens do. But over the years, the needs and greed of men had driven the abc to the very brink of mass suicide. They were kept in confined spaces, forced to work each and every day to feed the hunger of humanity.

If any one of them were to escape this fate, another abc would be taken in to replace the abc that got away. This species would ensure that we are always fed, contented and satisfied. And like the chickens, we don't really care where the burgers' origins are from. The abc work from day to night, and sometimes all around the clock just for us.

Of course they complain, but who could ever defend them? The offspring of the abc are born in conditions that are sometimes appaling, and even downright more depressing than those cows that we so happily would inseminate. Some of the abc are worked so hard to the ground that they can't have offspring of their own.

Some abcs are forced to do work that pose serious threat to their lives. Some never see the light of day. Everyday, there's bound to be some poor abc that is killed while being worked somewhere around the globe, risking their lives so that we humans can have our comfort.

So if you have time to be a vegan and complain about chickens that can't be kept in small tiny cages, and that organic food is the way to go - do note that these abc are just like us.

They are us. They are the bloody people who the shit jobs for us. They are the ones who scoop up the poop. The ones that sort out your packages. The ones that bang out their keyboard everyday in tiny cubicles. The ones that dig out coal so that you can have your electricity. The men and women who work in places so dangerous that they get all sorts of poisons and contaminats in their systems. They are the people that stay up day and night worrying if we would be safe and in comfort and have enough to eat - even if we are strangers to them.

So if you want to care about the chickens and cows being kept in horrid conditions; i'm right behind you. But first, let me clear out poor hospital conditions, non-existing welfare, world hunger, lack of education and just bloody horrid living conditions of my closest DNA relatives before i move on to a more inter-species scale.

And please, i'm not angry at the world or anything. Everyone has their own cause to fight for. And kudos to them, those who fight for something that they believe in. And if my cause matches yours, then you have an ally. And if it doesn't, then you would have gain at the very least a sympathizer and a supporter.

On the behalf of every living thing on this planet, i would like to thank you for doing your bit for the world. And yes, you can vote for me to be president of earth. ( =

And on the end of that little rant, i now end this post:)

Do have a very Merry Christmas and a lovely New Year!

Cheers people!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The jumping mouse

Hi all,

It's been a while since i last blogged. Ok, it's been ages since i last blogged. And it would seem that having internet access in my house has made me lazier to blog. Lol. I've been busy k? My weekends aren't my own anymore. Which can be quite de-motivating if it weren't filled with so much activities.

Last last weekend i headed to klang for the weekend. Yes, i worked on the weekend. Annoying right? Anyways, went for an exercise called a stock count. And the name practically sums it all - we had to count each and every single item that Mattel has in the warehouse. And trust me - it's not all fun and games. But it was a bit fun though. Here's why.

You see, they dont have proper lifts in the warehouse - ok they do, but there's only one and it moves bloody slow. The improvised lift? It's basically a 4 sided metal cage up to your waist with no bars at one side. Got the picture? And then, imagine that there's a forklift that carries that cage. Got it? Now the cage is secured with this flimsy looking chain wrapped around the forklift's "jaw". Scary enough? You get transported around in that - with a guy from the warehouse in it with you.

If that isn't scary enough - the damned forklift goes up to 30kmph. And it can lift you up to 50 feet in the air. That's about 3 stories high. And when you are 50 feet up in the air, they will move you from one place to another at what it seems to be the speed of light. It's shit scary - especially to a person who is afraid of heights like mua. Hahahaha. And they will lower you enough just not to hit your head on the overhanging bars. =P

That was what i was doing - getting shit scared and having fun - and doing work. Not a bad combo i might add. If only i didn't had to drive back in the rain wishing for my bed all the time, it would have been fantastic:)

And then one week passed. And then came the company trip. The thing was - our bus was stuck in one of those tiny tunnels (which i want to add, has super huge potholes). So they had to take the big way around. Which caused us a whole load of pain and anxiety - there was only one ferry trip in the evening, and we would have missed it.

But lo and behold - bus made it. And in the bus, we played this new toy - Pictionary man. Basically it's a plastic man, a plastic block and a plastic cylinder in which you have to draw on to let your team-mate guess what the word is. And instead of cards, the plastic man has a monochrome screen at the bottom to give you the category and word to draw out. It was hilarious.

At one point - the one that i can really remember. Our Sing colleague had to draw "celebrity - Rolling Stones". She took the cylinder, and started to roll it about. Hahahahaha. So much for drawing i guess.

We went to the resort and made it all in one piece. I had the room overlooking the beach - shared it with a male (mind you) colleague of mine. That nght - went to play pictionary with practically half the bosses in Mattel SEA. And drinking too. When it was my turn to draw i had to do "character - captain kirk". I manage to get my team to guess that i wanted the name of the captain of Star Trek, unfortunately...none of them knew. LOL. Ok fine, i'm a geek.

The next day - treasure hunting. Which was crazy! I was teamed up with the big big boss and my new boss and my namesake boss' assistant and Sing's frontliner. (i know it doesn't make sense). So off we went, running about and all.

At one stage, a few of my colleagues were gathering at this palm/banana tree looking thingie, and a snake fell from one of the leaves. LOL. One guy screamed - like a hysterical psycho. Hahahaha. The bigger psycho was the guy behind them who wanted to get closer to take a photo. =P

Then after treasure hunting - went played volleyball. The rest went to town. Haiyo. Very crazy game this volleyball. I have not played in ages. Jas calls it a girl's game - and she doesn't play (go figure:) Anyway - that caused me a slight sunburn and a whole load of leg pain. Then it was team-building games.

And yes, i did quite a number of embarassing things. First was just a sand-beach version of pictionary. Draw on the sand the sentence and try to guess the words. The second game, ballon passing game sorta. First guy has to pass the balloon to two others without using his arms. Then the two others have to carry the balloon between their backs. And the 4th person had to put the balloon between his legs to get it to the 5th person.

I was the 4th person. And i hopped like an enegizer bunny to get my team points k? Hahahaha.
We got third in this game:)

The last game, had to make sand sculptures, using a person as the base. My big big boss asked me to lie face down and made a turtle out of me. Hahahaha. It was shit funny, cause being the only other male in the team, my big big boss had to urm...sculpt my lower shell/flippers and tail. I have a video of it, but i dare not show anyone. Hahahaha! And i bore three eggs and gave birth to a live turtle. I have no idea how that happened. =P

Then dinner lo. Actually it was our annual dinner. All you can drink beer and all you can eat food. And oh, we had lucky draw as well. One of the bosses would pick names out of a bowl, then we go to this board thingie and peel off this cardboard thing to see what we won.

I won a shuffle:) Hahahahahaha! Ok la, it's not as grand as whatever other prizes that were on the board, but it's the first time i won lucky draw k? :)

Then we had limbo rock competition and this hula hoop looping around team members thingie...i have no idea how to explain it to you guys. And then we went and threw the birthday boy into the pool.

And lo and behold - i got dragged into the pool with the bday boy. Hahaha. My phone, wallet and all died with me k? Damned. Lucky the shuffle didn't go down with mua.

Went and change and went to the lounge, where i took quite a number of scandalous photos. Already took quite a number of scandalous photos during the dinner, but at the lounge...fuiyo. Hahahaha. And also we danced along with this trio from the phillipines whom were performing that night. Great fun.

Then the next day go home lo. Dead tired. I went cut hair before i go home, my hair stylist asked me why got so much stuff - told him went pangkor la etc. Hahahaha. Then go home lo.

The Monday... walk "kangkang"

Licensing sakai called us cowboys.
Kak called us...something i can't recall.
Ms. Supervisor called me...a cicak. Hahahahaha.

Shit. The Monday and Tuesday i got called cicak so many times k? Cause i was still walking funny. =P

And today, my namesake boss came to visit me in my cubicle la. Asked me if my phone can work or not. Then i said no la, it's dead. He asked me to go ambik the company phone:) So nice. So i using company phone now.

Tomorrow got licensing sale!! Licensing is basically non toy products to which we have licensed out various Mattel brands to, such as bags, clothes etc. So..yea. Tomorrow will be like a sakai to go grab some stuff:)

Anyways, Fabes. Miss you lo. That's why you come back la:)
And jas, you're one to talk ar...never update your blog also.
And mei, you put one post, then straight text me to blog. Pandai.

And to whomever who is reading this, so sorry to disappoint, but if you wanna see the pangkor pics, it would have to be a discreet viewing due to the non "umum" nature of the pictures. Plus you have to sign a non-disclosure contract. Hahahaha!

Cheers people!