Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Post by me.

Yup, i fired the idiot who was supposed to make up funny titles for me, and hired a researcher instead. Tell you all about it in a bit. Anyways, here's something i want you guys to check out and advert k? Pretty please? *grins*

Mie's new venture, custom hand-painted shoes. blog url here [Angelvxz]
Samples below:

Go go! and oh, if you guys stay close to me, you know la where, personal delivery is available if i'm free to send to you la. *grins*

Anyway, unto that researcher thingie. I'm unto my Lit Review for my FYP d! Yay. So i had to fire the guy who writes the titles for this blog, and hire a researcher. IT (yes, i don't know the gender of the person), would be responsible for all my journals and writing me my FYP. I would assume the mantle of editor though, so it's all good, and it would seem natural - and also i would try to tone down on the techical stuff so that it would seem that a normal student did it. Lol. Not that i understand what IT says to me anyway.

So that's it, i got my 4 posts for the month up, and i daresay that i deserve a pat on the back for a work well done. And yes, you have my permission to belanja me makan. Honest. Don't worry about over-charging your credit cards, i'm not that expensive. Which shouldn't be mis-intepretated as i'm cheap. I know what you people are thinking k? IT has also given me extensive research material on the demographic of my readers. So yes, a roti canai would suffice.

If you have no idea what i'm talking about, it's ok, i'm sure that the local padre would accept your confessions:)

There. That's it. Now HM, don't be a smelly fly on my blog wall, you may go bathe now, and bathe everyday for the whole month cause this is the last post of the month:)

Cheers people! and don't forget [Angelvxz]. Do help in any way you can, much appreciated.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

This is not for you. Really wan!

Please ignore the idiot who wrote the title. Anyways, to Angel Ooh something something (yes, i admit i forgot your chinese name, please don't throw fishballs at me:) this is to you because you objected to my car post the other day.

I hope your cactus grows into this sofa, and you unwittingly sit on it one day. Or better (evil i know, lol) James would sit on it first, then you jump on him. Yup. hahahaha. Please, don't try to grow this k? It's only for your own good.

Anyways, unto more other pressing matters. Hols up next week. I was walking with Ahmed earlier, and he was like asking me where to go for the hols. I told him, i had no idea. Honestly. Poor people like me have to stay home and do their thesis - so that they can go back to their supervisor and show them how "rajin" they were:)

Sideline Note: GARCH - who knows how to do, please be so kind to do my thesis for me. thank you. =P

Unto the next stop. I'm sorry didn't fill last month's quota of 4 posts. I know not many were disappointed, and i was trying oh so hard to make it, but i didn't. So, feel free to belanja me makan if i manage to fill this month's quota k? And to Fabes, if you're ever reading this, Richard Thomas = Seth Cohen. Gracias.

Did i mention i'm taking Spanish? A class by Senor Joel Lafitta Rivera. He's a nice guy, but when he starts going on in spanish at 150 words a minute, that is simply mind boggling. In my mind, i have but one thought "How do the spanish people understand each other?". Hahaha. I promise i will work harder in my spanish so that i may tell you if you to lace your shoes:)

And oh oh, i almost forgot. This i just have to let you see, there's this blog about the author making sculptures out of edibles. Lovely. Here's a shot or two, and here's the link [edithzimmerman]

Cucumber? Or that other veg that i forgot the name? Anyway, this is what happens to you if you go vegetarian. Please don't throw tomatoes at my house, i apologise:(

Velociraptor from orangie bell pepper. Hahaha. Shall ask mom to do this when she cooks mixed veg:)

And as a parting gift for me, (yes FOR me), do feel free to get me this mug. *grins*
BTW, it's a chalkboard mug. Ahh, the joys of life. Don't worry about the chalk k? that one i can get myself, just get me the mug:)

Cheers people!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Small, tiny, and simply out of reach

No i'm not talking about the little tiny toys that your kiddies would throw at the corner of some unreachable furniture laden area. I'm talking about cars. Those high end tiny cars that always seem to ooze "oooo's" and "aaaa's" but never have the heart (or wallet) to pay for one.

For most Malaysians, well, it started with that Volkswagen beetle, then it got murdered by the SmarForTwo. Then came the BMW Mini. And somewhere along the way, the-always-red-coloured Suzuki Swift was zooming past them all. Luxury small cars, i have been told, tells your personality - i'm just saying what i heard. Please do not lick my shoes.

Apparently, this one says I'm a classic

And this one says, i mean business + i've got no time for parking

I did not buy this car using my own money, i used my parents:)

And this says...i'm a wild hippie. i think.
Well, it used to say, i'm unique..but then everyone went ahead and bought one:)

So what type are you? And i don't mean the ones that cost below RM60k. Pick one, or go search for one, and let me know:)

And P.S, i'm a Fiat 500. Hahahahaha.

Anyways, i didn't had time to post anything substantial, so this is all you will get for now. I do apologise and you may stamp on Chee Wei's feet if you must.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Valentine's ',,'

Yup, i know i'm a bit late on this post, but all the same:)

Anyways, Valentine's was created when the romans threw this guy name valentine into his cell and mistakenly gave him some paper and ink to write down some stuff. He wrote to his lover and ka-blam we had valentine's day. Now, if only we gave some pen and paper to some guy living in our kamunting prison (you know which one), we would have a different kind of holiday:)

Ok. Unto the main stuff. I was out (nearly) the whole day with me. Lunch was up first, and lo and behold, we went to Food Foundry. Hahahaha. I figured cause we didn't book anywhere for lunch, and foundry would be quite empty due to it's very secrective location (sec17, find yourself).

Neways, we had quite the difficulty to order lunch. Mie wanted spag, but no seafood, and no this one certain herb in it (forgot name, don't ask), and the staff's english was, about adequate. So after much bamboozling, got the order right. For me, i just had the cordon bleu chicken. Which is a fancy name for breaded fried chicken with ham inside and a lovely sauce. Lol.

And as communications breakdowns are concerned, the spag came back to the wrong specs. Hahaha. So me had the spag and Mie had the chicken, which she liked. Which is good. And being a man (it is written in some guidebook somewhere), i dutifully ate the spag. Hahahaha. Being hungry helped. At least we had a proper lunch:)

Then well, off to SOHO, in dunno somehere near mont kiara. To tell you the truth, for the life of me, i swear i have never been there. Mie says i have brought her to Mont kiara before. Oh well:) We were there for this offline shopblogger's thingie. And the variety of stuff sold, incomparable. And Mie got to buy this pair of cute shoes, which magically makes your feet tiny. Like how some men look fifty pounds less when they wear a nicely cut suit. Anyways, they suited her feet.

Met up with Jessie and Jin, newly found friends, at least for me - Mie has known Jessie for ages. So we went shop shop, and then i was dead tired. Me shoes didn't help much (did i mention those very pair of shoes got stolen?). So after a long bout with shopping, went to the nearby coffee beans and sat down with J&J for coffee. Jin said he was going to cook Jessie dinner, which btw, i assume was alright cause Jessie was still alive a week later:)

Then me went to Nihon Kai. Ah yes, the tiny little place with this lovely atmosphere. It's a Japanese Restaurant btw, with Nihon meaning Japan, and Kai meaning...chicken(in chinese) or release(in Japanese). Well, it's either you trust my lousy translation or you go make up some other meaning on your own. Anyways, we got this jap vip room, which had three tables, and seats 4 per table. This meant we'd be sharing that place with two other groups of people.

And oh.. we switched the table from the end of the room, to the other end, near the window (which caused some fiasco with the staff who were confused as to who ordered what). And oh want pictures is it? here's some, the rest on facebook. Don't be lazy k?
The fake jap tables. Lol. Note the space under the tables:)

Well, we ordered tempura ebi (yes, i know it's prawns), sukiyaki, and fried tofu, and the cucumber sushi thing (which is one of Mie's fav's). And what do you know? i thought it'd be towards the upwards of like RM100, but it didn't even touch sixty. It was good, and please, don't compare to shogun la, shangri la, or any other place k? Every place has it's niche.

And oh, Lit shiuan wanted to go to this place for his Valentine's dinner also, but couldn't get a reservation - what do you expect booking on the day of valentine's? And also, Sze Mun (i think her name is spelt this way) had to wait for 40mins though she had a reservation. Hahahaha. I booked the week before. Siao leh? hahahaha.

Anyways, that's it for the Valentine's post. How did yours go? leave a comment. Really.