Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tick Tack Toe

So one day, there was this guy who went ski-ing. On his way down, he, being the amateur ski-er that he is, disregarded this huge pile of snow in front of him, thinking that he would just be able to slush it over, like in the cartoons ya know. But like in the cartoons, there was this huge gigantic rock embedded into the snow and was only lightly covered by snow.


Our ski-er hurt his ankle and accidentally twisted his shoulder while falling down, which is a whole load of ouchie. But you see, our man is a fighter (which is why everyone reading this now is rooting for him). He gets up on his hurt ankle and tries to ski his way down again.

Slowly and slowly - step by excruciating step he went.

He rested at this oak tree, and being the stupid hero that we all love, a whole load of snow fell on his head and shoulders (which caused another ouchie). Now our ski-er is cold, broken and some might say, in a whole load of trouble.

But hey, the inn in just another 2 miles downhill!

So on and on he goes, trying to manouver his way aroud the slalom made out of branches and more hidden rocks, and also a yeti(which he didn't notice). In the process of this highly painful and draining trip, he got thirsty, so he ate some snow - which gave him instant brain freeze.

*Don't we just love heroes who have no common sense?*

Anyway, all of the sudden, the inn was in sight. And he summons up every bit of bravado he has in his tiny little stash of "hero-powers-vault" and charges to the inn, pushing aside a seal, a penguin and a polar bear (which he didn't see either).

Though, he did stop by the wolly mammoth - apparently he has a thing for furry animals, so he gave the mammoth a hug and a kiss before he went on.

He finally reached the door, and went straight to the bar, and ordered hot choco, and there was a kind doctor who was attending to his wounds & injuries. The inn keeper was so amazed by his resolution, that he set him up in the sultan-suite for the night.

All well, ends well.
The end.

The moral of this story is, don't ever order your steak well done, that would mean you're an imbecile and your steak knife will most probably fly into your date's soup.

And also, don't drink hot choco in one go while it's pipping hot. You will see how much our ski-er will suffer in the suite, simply because he burnt his tongue and could not speak. (Did i not mention that the inn keeper's gay?)

And lastly, since you have the time to read this lovely story of mine, why not spare a few other minutes to help the needy people around you. It will make your day, and their's.


P.S. if you don't do good, you'd be like this dollar-head selfish nut who gets eaten by a crocodile.
[Via VillageOfJoy]

Be GOOD!! or be EATEN!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend getaway

The weekend came and went nicely. The end.

And oh, for Chee Wei's knowledge, i had chicken/pork curry on saturday and bak kut teh on sunday. This is a pic of the curry thing, i forgot about the bak kut teh though. lol.

If you are wondering what is inside that silver plate thing, it's the leftover pork filling (for the pang susie)

And oh, me, mie and mom baked "pang susie" on saturday for goay's bday. (note: goay is one of two people in the world whom which i refer to with their middle name, the other's "Kok", from Liow Kok Hong, heads still turn after years of yelling "KOK!!" in public)

You see, "Pang Susie" or rather, for the chinese people - "Susie Peng", or for the english-only people, susie's kuih. (*grins*) It is a pastry of sorts, by the eurasians, has a filling of spiced pork, with an outer layer of mashed sweet potato&flour&brandy. So yea, for those muslims, it's a double whammy of "haram-ness", it would be triple "haram" if you did yoga after eating it:)

To fabian. I'm not missing. You are. Have you called your parents lately? *takes cue from all those balik kampung advertisments* To Kumi - stop failing. i'm serious.

To everyone else, happy birthday to you. Eelyn, if you're reading this, happy bday to you, and dont be flattered, i only remembered cause your bday is close to me mom's:) And yew jin also. And ywei also. And Aunty Wen Shuan.

And that is all folks!

P.S. I didn't disappear:)


Saturday, November 15, 2008

The one where you can't complain

Ok. Short post - cause i'm feeling guilty for not blogging. There's this site which has a number of vanity plates on show. I know which one's for who. [Via Vanity Plates]

Chee Wei's and Choon Keet's most likely vanity plates:) Hot Member.

Kok Hong & Steve. Slackers, and they aren't shy to admit it. =P

Hui Mei//Astrid//Anne. Yup. You are drama:)


This is for me. lol.

Ini...Laura and Shea (Kthxbye! Peeps!)

BITCH! MOVE! This applies to all of us la, mainly jas, who loves the immortal words

Cheers people:)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Eh, again ar?

Yup. Second post in two consecutive days. Weird aye? Not as weird as most things but if you insist that it's one of the world's 12842 wonders, then i will not stop you. (oh, remember that Nobel Peace thing that i want, yes, you can nominate me too) *grins*

And, B.Obama won. No real surprises there, but i had the butterflies in me head the whole time. Like how the first Malaysian Idol competition was held, and J.Victor was the oh-so-obvious winner, but had the jitters, so i sent in like 20 votes for her, mom forced me to send another ten. But in this case, i could do nothing but watch, and hope something happens. Lol.

Anyway, unto normal life as usual now. No more campaigning, no more hearing how much of a maverick McCain is. No more politiking-about, unless it's about who is going to be Najib's number two. But I'm no good at local politics, so i'd leave that to Chee Wei, if he ever updates his damned blog. Or Taufik, if he ever decides that being a imaginary manager of Manyoo is too small to fit his ginourmous talent for writing. (don't tell him i said that, he'd kembang terus)

Taufik Kembang :)

Anyway, i wanna talk about the pasar malam. Yup, the night market - the royal place of all things delicious and pretty, and yet - you will never ask yourself, "Where do they get these stuff?". Basically cause you know the answer, it's from china.

Actually, things are different now in the age of globalization. Examples are as you can read, =P

1. Of course, finding something that is not made in china, especially toys.

2. Not finding a chinese person in any country in the world.

3. Malaysians not staring at an accident (ok, that's just cause i was pist at stupid jam just now)

4. Finding a rubber latex glove not made in Malaysia (We do control 70% of the world's output, or more. So there is no CSI without Malaysia! Hah!)

Not like that will ever happen...right? And oh oh,

And also....loads of puppies suffer because of us. Poor puppies:(

5. You know Top Gear UK? Well, there is an equivalent Aussie version, Top Gear Australia. And you know the "Star in a reasonably priced car" segment on the show? Well, Top Gear Aussie has one too. It's called "Bog Standard Car". Where's the punchline you ask? Well, this my friends, is the "Standard Car".

An official photo from the show, with a SATRIA NEO!
I'm proud. At least we can make standard cars:) Lol.

Anyways, enough about this, i've got a acar nyonya recipe to ask me mom. And no you can't have it, without prior approval from mom - which means, she has got to get to know you first. *grins* good news is, if you come over to get to know mom, you get free food. Now who said that goodness comes with a price tag?

And to those who had good results, well kudos to you. For those who didn't do too well, there's always supp. Call me if you need tutoring, i'd be sure to strap the book to your face for a week:)


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Who's the grandpa now?

The thing is, i'm aging, and it's happening real fast. Lol. This has not been helped by Jas' weird actions which has, by her own words, labeled herself as a "Si Lai", or a housewife of sorts:) *grins* Anyways, it's the last week of hols, and i dare say it's been a lovely one, doing nothing spectacular.

How is that good? Well, i didn't risk breaking my leg or an arm (again!), although i did had a minor black out (my first one *beams*),after a little fall involving a very blur-just-awoken Richard and the immoveable cabinet outside the bathroom. So me, faint, blood on floor and right foot = getting pampered by mom. Awww. hahahaha.

Actually, i've got so much to say, but not much organization in how i wanna say them. But tomorrow, we will all know the answer to the question posed 2 years ago. Who will be the next President of the USA? Will it be Palin-McCain, or Obama-Biden? Either one will be monumental, but the thing is...i'm kinda hoping for Obama to clinch it. This is the first time i've whined about this, so bear with me.

1. It would be gound-breaking! Honestly. And do you know how many people would be aiming to knock Obama out once he's in office? It would make an excellent action movie. *grins*

2. He's got funk. Loads of it. Probably will reach 70 and still look like one of em' Rolling Stones:)

3. He loves his grand-mom. So there's my vote right there.

4. He's from Hawaii! Honestly, i always wanted a Hawaiian President. Imagine if our PM is from Redang. *grins*

5. He dresses sharply. I like a sharp dresser.

6. Biden takes the train home every night. If any one of our ministers did that, my eyes would pop out, and i'd scream bloody murder. Well, maybe.

Ok, now that's all ridiculous right? The real stuff starts now.

1. Taxes. Obama's taxes = 1/2 of McCain's taxes.
This is easy math, less tax = more American spending = better economy. (I mean, you do know that americans are the biggest spenders in the world right?)

2. Obama wants the troops back from Afgan, McCain still wants them there. For me, i just want it to stop.

3. McCain is 70 with numerous health situations. Obama is looking rather fit. So if McCain wins, and something puts him out for a period of time, guess who will be President? Palin of course:)

4. Obama is better around computers than McCain. His social-networking-campaigning website, is phenomenal, so he gets my vote, just by being internet-savvy. And oh, McCain claimed to have created the blackberry. Sure:D

5. It only right for a party who screwed up, and bore witness to an afgan war, the credit crunch, and some say the high price of fuel, - to step down and let the other party take the reins, if it doesn't work out, you can still take it back later, i think.

6. McCain + Palin attacked Obama's integrity, i mean, that's just short-handed, and not respected at all. Grow up, what are you? 8?

lol. Anyways, if you think what i have said is slander, there are far more slanderous things being said all over:) Go Obama!

Obama is Superman. Right enough. =P