Sunday, August 30, 2009

Of moviestars and the drain.

Week Three of Mattel.

Boss didn't come back yet. Yup, on holiday. So we slaved on without him. Things were quite uneventful, with the most of the craziness coming from the fact that i might have misplaced some documents, which luckily, weren't misplaced, just merely not in my hands at the moment. They were found K?!

And my second time handling staff sales. Yup, deadline's on the 2nd of the next month. Usually have it at the mid and ending of each month. Since it's our daddy's bday this end of the month, which we happily will celebrate, so the deadline got pushed to next month. I haven't used up my quota for the month yet, apparently, it can be pushed back. And no mus, i'm not buying barbies for you, unless you pay me to. =P

So yea lo. Almost one month gone, five more to go. I have a sneaky feeling that it will finish super fast. Some days seem longer than most, but it'll go away quick enough. And *fingers crossed* that i secure a long term career before i grad next year. Yup, though i have finished my studies, graduation date is still long way to go. Hahahaha.

Anyways, Mie is super impressed with how the Mattel staff treats their interns. Which is true la. The other day, the finance intern left cause ended d his time, and the head of finance dept gave the head of licencensing dept money to belanja all of us makan. Lol. Conversation at the elevator:

Richard, where you going? Going makan ar?

Yup, you guys going makan also?

M*** leaving today, come, join us.

*Looks around, then take out wallet, pitiful amount in it*

*laughs* No money la, have to go bank take.

Never mind. Come only. Licensing paying.

And half the office went makan. For two hours. At some very fancy Dim Sum restaurant. hahahaha. Basically everyone from each dept was represented la. Sales, finance, logistics, licensing. So nothing got done while we were out eating. Which there wasn't much to be done anyway considering that it's Friday. Friday like really no work wan wo. No wonder half days twice a month.

Crazy wan really. When i arrived, i got treated to a very nice japanese lunch. Super crazy expensive wan k? Rm300 for 4 people. Shit. Then now when M*** (i can't say his name) left, we all got treated to such nice lunch also. Wonder what i will get when i leave. Char Kuey Teow? I can only hope:)

Then next week, almost the entire sales team going to HK. I don't know if it's a conference, or some toy convention, but it's for five days, tickets paid for and you get my monthly salary for allowance. Which is awesome. Apparently, every year also the sales team have to travel here there wan. Nice ar, being in sales. ( =

Filing here in the office is crazy. Invoices and delivery orders and purchase orders have to be filled. Which roughly translate to 1 and a half boxes of staples gone in three weeks. Lol. I have never used so many staples in that short span since i learnt that you can shoot the staples right out of the stapler and started to shoot everyone. Hahaha. Bloody lots of staples k?

I cannot stress enough just how nice the people are here! I feel that i'll be growing super complacent and get lazy and refuse to improve myself. Not to fear! Next year i shall embark on my CFA adventure. Wish me luck. Need to save up some dough first though.

So be good people. And Happy merdeka to each and everyone of you:)


Saturday, August 22, 2009


You know there's this search engine by Microsoft named Bing? Apparently, it's the next big thing. I know everyone loathes Microsoft and all, but it's always nice to try out new things yes? Ok, fine, it's not you wanted to read, so i shall just relate what has been happening to me these past few weeks.

I'm undergoing an internship at Mattel, 6 months, at the lower end of four figures a month. Not a bad deal. But honestly, i don't think i could stay on after that period of time, simply because i don't think there's much a progress in terms of rank due to the fact that it's a super tiny office - maybe 30 people or so, taking care of the entire South East Asia region. Talk about down-sizing.

Anyway, yea, i would have to murder someone in order for me to stay in the company. Oh well, i gave up on the hopes of being a criminal a long long time ago. Now i have a cubicle, a desktop, a barbie-covered access card, an official mattel email, and also the entire Malaysia's requirements of Mattel products under my fingers. Yea i know, what were they thinking putting an intern in charge of a whole country's needs? *Dont screw up Richard*

Perks of the job? I can name a few, let me list them out.

1. Free parking.
Well, not quite la, i haven't gotten my staff parking sticker, so i'm still illegally parked. And though i can pay for parking and claim it at the end of the month, i'm not exactly thrilled to pay RM10 a day. So please pray that sticker gets on the car windshield soon.

2. Free coffee. But it's nescafe. So, free - but quite unwanted.

3. Staff purchase!
Yes, i get to get Mattel stuff on the cheap. There's a limit though - but i have been eyeing that elmo for quite some time already. Hahahahaha.

4. Friday half day off twice a month.
Yup. Though so far, i have stayed back due to unexpected workload. Intern ya know, work them as much as possible. Malaysia very hard to take care of wan le.

5. Wear what you want.
Hahahaha. Not exactly. You can wear collared tees, and long pants any day of the week, and it's jeans day on friday. I usually wear shirts&slacks mon-weds, polo's and slacks on thurs, and jeans on friday. Gradually dressing down ya know.

6. Leave on time.
Basically, they would chase you out of office. Especially me. Cause i no key to lock up. So i kena halau to go back. Like yesterday, 2pm already halau me d.

"Richard, you still here ar? Ok pack your things, and save all your work, i wanna go back d, and you no key right? Aiya, today half day you work so much for what?"


7. Nice people.
I mean like really nice people. They're like your extended family or something. So weird wan. And half of them are so polite, and the other half so funny, you can't fault them for anything.

Now for the bad news.

1. Workload.
I don't get out of my chair from 8.30 - 12.30 due to work, everyday. Then i go lunch. I go lunch, feel like going to plop my face into my food. =P

2. Filing.
Naturally, filing comes with the territory. But there's just a tonne of them. It's not that i'm complaining that there's a lot to file - i'm just worried i get tonnes of papercuts. Hahaha.

So that's about it lo. At least i dont have to wory about finding a job till next year - hopefully employment would be much easier then. ( =

That's about it folks. Tell me how you guys have been doing alright? And if you still have any childhood dreams of building your own hot wheels super track or stacking your closet full of barbies, or whatever other childhood fantasy that demands mattel toys - let me know:)