Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It was a dark and stormy night

You know how Snoopy always sits on his dog-house and has his typewriter out and tries to write something? "It was a dark and stormy night" is always the scene i remember best:) I love it. Quotes are something that people can always relate to, and believe it or not, the funniest quotes in the world comes from one of the brightest minds in the world, never mind that he is German.

Like this one

"When you sit with a nice girl for two hours, it seems like two minutes. When you sit on a hot stove for two minutes, it seems like two hours - that's relativity."
-Albert Einstein- ( =

OK, since Halloween is just around the corner, i thought that it would be fun to have a few pieces of furniture to spice up your house for those pesky visitors:)

[Via Mental_Floss1, Mental_Floss2] (more at the links)

I'm pretty sure i saw this one at One U once. hehehe. Way to go for a knife stand:)

A shower curtain like that will definitely get you shot.

The hanged man lamp. It's so cute! in a weird and psychotic way. I want one:)

Anyways, little known fact. Pretzels is actually a true and through Christian-motive-food thingie. It was made to represent kids who have their arms folded in prayer. Weird huh? Anyways, Pretzel bakers have a coat-of-arms given to them by the Viennese King - it was said that pretzel bakers working in some basement were alerted to the digging sounds of the Turks that were invading the city. So they told the army, and the attack was thwarted. So they got a coat-of-arms. Lovely! I want one too, with machine guns, nukes and lightsabers adorning the symbol. Damned.

You only get to wear this coat-of-arms if you bake pretzels for a living:)

Anyways, that's it. I think i have blogged far more than i ever harve during the course of my holidays. Weird. Anyways, i have a foot injury to tend to. Did i mention Beckham's coming to AC Milan? I can't imagine why. Let me put it down for you.

There are a few footballing skills that are associated with a midfield player (which Beckham is). And here's the list of people who can do it a gazillion times better than Beckham.

Shooting - He is far worse than Kaka, Ronaldinho, Seedorf and Pirlo.
Dribbling - Same list as above.
Tackling - Gattuso and Ambrosini (and some say Seedorf!)
Crossing - Er....Milan don't play crosses so much.
Passing - Pirlo, hands down. and Kaka. And Ronaldinho, heck the whole team is better.

And for David's Forte, Freekicks.

There's Kaka
(former World Player of The Year, Brazil and Milan's saviour)

(Also former World Player of The Year, King of "How the F*** did he do that?!")

(is said to be a Vampire, and also the freekick genius of Italy and Milan, regarded as Italy's not-so-secret weapon of mass destruction.)

(Of Dutch-Surinamese, a rumoured country of ninja like football players who love to sneak in behind players. Hell, even 98% of the world has never seen Suriname before! even during his non-prime periods, his freekick is sublime)

(There is only two reasons why people know Ukraine, because of it's past and because of Shevchenko. Lol.)

So Beckham, you can train with Milan, we would also appreciate the loads of jerseys that you will help sell to fund your stay in Italy, and i hope you have a lovely experience being chased down by Gattuso - and not pee in your shorts.

Davide!! I told you not to leave your towel hanging on my locker door!! GRRRR!!!

Forza Beckham! ( =


Friday, October 24, 2008


Yup. (Pronounced Pon-tEh). That is what this dish is called:) *or so i think la, i forgot. =P* the thing is that people complain *some or most of the time* that i don't bring them makan my sort of traditional food. So lo and behold! Mom cooked one today:) it's this lovely dish, that consists of god knows how many spices, either chicken or pork or beef or all of them, and potatoes. The dish itself is sourish a bit, full of taste:) and a lot of other tastes. The mushroom is juicy, and the potatoes are sweet and the meat is savoury. Isk, hard to explain la.

Apart from that, the day begins again! I was at Swensen's today, and it has changed! The one in ss2 i mean. From a cramped looking run-down place to a lovely sakai-ed up restaurant (i mean that in a good way)

This is the upstairs part of the swensens la. I went to the restroom...then took a look around and see no one, then i took photo. No it is not a vanity shot. And i'm no posing. Just so happen got cicak on the wall, then i looked up.

FYI, i dont know who that guy in the corner is. lol. Oh well, the interior looks nice right? Exactly like a Secret Recipe rip-off. But hey, even Jag XKF is a knock-off from Aston, it's never a bad thing to imitate others:)

Ini, bukan i ambik. Bukan i posing syok sendiri. Not like a certain choco-eating closet monster:)

Gold Rush wor, Butterscotch and Choco. Lovely, took me too long to makan though, busy talking nonsense. lol.

Anyways, unto non-photo thingies. You know how i de-nounce the bands that have recently been made popular, dashboard confessional, plain white tees, death cab by cutie, and secondhand serenade. I was a huge huge fan, until they became popular. And when they went mainstream, i was like...."JUDAS!!". But deep down inside, i am like "You go guys:) you deserved it". Now, *crosses fingers for Armor For Sleep, if they are still alive*

The thing is that, today i nampak cerita about Manolo Blahnik in the papers and i was like... hehehe. I first heard about them in a Jay-Z song. Also, i heard Jimmy Choo's in a rap song. And Burberry? Yup, another Jay-Z song. It seems like these rappers have the know-in of the most luxurious stuff on the planet. Too bad they haven't discovered Char Kuey Teow.

Talking about Char Kuey Teow, my fav stall got featured in Star Metro the other day:) :) hahahahha. See! i'm not the only one who thinks it's delicious. Oh well, too bad most of you guys are missing out on it. *poor you*

Have you seen the latest slew of Digi adverts lately? (i kinda like the Harith's for Celcom), which takes me to the people working for these telco companies. Who la i kenal in this places? For one, Jaspattay's Gan is in Digi, i know the crazy-raving-ranting-queen of Maxis is Astrid. And Celcom... tak tahu. lol *Kan Shea ade intern kat sana kan?* Anyways, it's the company that makes up the employees of the company. *entah apa i blabbering now*

Laura doesn't count for Digi. And since Laura doesn't count, Tharan also cannot count, only because he's just Laura's umbrella boy:) Awww. Nice job either way:)

*Psst, i heard Kumi's selling Muruku's for Diwali, though it may not get through customs as Kumi's cooking is rather special, but you can try!!*

For me? Going no where, doing nothing:) Gotta love the hols, don't you? Anyways, Happy Holidays and Happy Diwali. Eat more Lemang. I mean..Muruku (just make sure it's not from Kumi though *grins*)


Thursday, October 23, 2008

i know i said i wouldn't, but then again

Well, hello all. I'm sitting at the local watering-hole of my area with Mie, and she's studying for her mid term leaving me to fend for myself. And i'm bored. It's ok i guess. I've exhausted my list of bookmarks already, and trust me, it's a long one. Though i have no intentions of reading Perez Hilton's due to fear of brain damage and such. So yea, all the tech, footie, biz, finance, and nonsenses have i drained up and locked into my head.

So...let me inform you of a little thingie that i do when i do have the time, i watch tv shows. Maybe a little bit more than most people. Just let me list down the shows available in my tv.com profile, in an alphabetical order no less:)

1. American Chopper
2. American Idol
3. Bones
4. CSI Vegas
5. CSI Miami
7. Cold Case
8. Criminal Minds
9. Dirty Jobs
10. Dr. Who (2005)
11. Eleventh Hour
12. Eureka!
13. Fifth Gear
14. Flashpoint
15. Fringe
16. Future Weapons
17. Hell's Kitchen
18. Heroes
19. House
20. Knight Rider
21. The Mentalist
22. Merlin (UK)
23. The Middleman
24. Monk
25. Mythbusters
26. NCIS
27. Numb3r's.
28. Sanctuary
29. So You Think You Can Dance (USA)
30. Star Wars: Clone Wars
31. SuperNatural.
32. Top Gear (UK)
33. Without A Trace.
(34 & 35, New Amsterdam, Reaper - they ended season 1, not sure if they are returning).

Well, recommendations then. If you like funnies, always go for The Middleman & Eureka (no, i'm not going to give a sypnosis) and etc etc etc. isk. go watch yourselves. and dont do anything illegal along the way:)

my fav by order currently:

1. House.
2. Bones.
3. Eureka.
4. Sanctuary.
6. Dr. Who (2005)
7. Top Gear (UK)

The rest, all the same:) hahahahaha. What tv shows do you watch? Or are you one of them people who think that tv shows corrupt the mind? I've learnt loads from tv shows that i didn't know previously, how to to tell if someone is bull-shitting to you - for instance..that tv shows corrupt the mind :D

Oh well, that's about it anyways (and i didn't count the mini-series that i watch too!) Have to pick dad from office in a bit, he just got back from conference/meeting thingie in my hometown. *crosses fingers for light traffic*

*and oh, for those who will complain that this isn't a proper post, it's not. it's a half-timed-baked rant*

Cheers people!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Here it comes again.


When my aunt called my mom to tell her that Maybank is going bankrupt cause there is an abnormally long queue in one of the ATM in Malacca, mom inevitably turned to me and said, "Really ar?". I was like "No, don't worry, the Treasury has a insurance plan thingie to cover all deposits under RM60k in our local banks...etc etc etc". Mom looked at me in disbelief, and i told her to hand over the phone and me told aunt "Look aunty, there's no way that Maybank is going bankrupt, and unless you've got a hundred K in your bank, don't sweat it. Really. And please stop listening to people spreading rumours around."

I'm not the one who is a stickler for enforcing the law, in fact, i do spout nonsense every now and then, but it's all for plain fun, and never for to put people in full "Paranoid-Conspiracy-Theory" mode. Really, sometimes i think everything's just blown out of proportion, in a very very bad way. It's just crazy to see that a long queue at an ATM would have brought forth such a crazy deduction about the demise of the nation's largest banking institution. Not that i'm saying that they are invincible, but you aren't going to jump off a cliff based on that.

The other part.

See, i am holiday. Which is always lovely:) and my perception of holiday is doing nothing. at all. ever. *grins* But at the moment i'm still suffering from post-exam-stress, so i feel like a little badger hooked on uppers, with no way to vent it all out. So here goes. It's an extra long post, that should be able to last you(whoever that reads this site) for 3 weeks. So don't complain. If you wanna ask me for something for you to read here's a link that should keep you occupied for the next few hundred years. [READ!]

Anyways, i recently found out that Yahoo! Search has been de-throned from Prime Minister to Secretary of the State. Of course, you all know that SearchEngineLand is ruled by Google, what you don't know is that Google's little protege, YouTube, is now officially the second most used search engine. So, we use Google to search for our assignments, and YouTube to search for how to tranform our cars into green little machines (and no, it doesn't involve a lot of paint)

I didn't mention this, but since most of my mates' blogposts are usually 3 lined (with one picture) or one picture with one line (or none) and i have decided to go for it. So did you notice the centered bolded topic? yup. "The other part" is actually for week two of my absense. Now unto the 3 one:)


Cause i'm too lazy to upload any. I'm basically more interested to type out my entire blog post without the use of graphic imagery,. *actually i malas nak upload photo*

Anyways, here's a shot for you. To put your mind at ease.

Yup. This serene photo taken from inside a facility, where you sit on *fake* leather couches, with astro to keep you company while waiting for your turn. It's fantastic! Really. There's even a place for you to go online and check up on whatever you fancy. So simply take a number and a police officer will be with you soon. Yes, a police officer:) (It's CyberJaya's Police Station btw)

This is lovely isn't it? to have a police station that looks so lovely that it subdues the criminals? Well, it didn't help that all three of the guys who went to file a report over a broken car window and a missing road tax sticker have not spoken malay in 4 years (minimum). In the end we managed to get the report filed, even cracked a joke with the constable on duty. Luckily we didn't get into an accident and only had the window broken. If not the report would be something like

"Itu lelaki hentam saya dari belakang, mengakibatkan kesakitan yang amat sakit. Lepas itu, ada darah di merata-rata. Kawan-kawan saya pun kena, semua berdarah. Sakit-sakit seluruh badan, tak boleh duduk atau tidur sebab sakit teruk. Kereta saya pun kena. Exhaust pipe saya dia hentam sampai terkeluar dari kereta saya. Dia pula tak ada apa apa, boleh ketawa and dia kata "OH MY GOD! THANK YOU!". Driver itu teruk betul, and tak peduli langsung tentang keadaan saya dan rakan-rakan saya"

Or something like that, that's why i encourage PDRM to allow us to file our report in English as well. So that things doesn't get mis-intepreted. Not that i can't speak BM, or write in it, or am not proud to use it, but if you're going to describe a traumatic event, it's best to do it in your first language. Honest. Really. Pretty please?

Extra Extra!

See, in New York, they have loads of time. Now that the Government has decided to bail them out, so there's not much to be done but wait for the money to fall into place. So they organized a game. Grand prize USD 500, plus bragging rights. The game? Streetwars. Here's a description

"When StreetWars started on Sept. 7, each of the 250-plus contestants was handed a black envelope marked “Shadow Government,” with the name, home address, workplace, e-mail address, cellphone number and photograph of a player to kill by squirting. After each kill, the shooter acquires the dead rival’s target and begins stalking this new person, all the while looking over a shoulder for whoever is hunting him. It is permissible to shoot in self-defense"

Yup, you guessed it. WaterGuns are used to "kill" people. In fact this game has recieved such nation-wide recognition that, i quote,

“We had a 76-year-old grandmother in San Francisco,” said Mr. Aliquo, who lives in Long Island City, Queens, and now is the events director at Thrillist.com, a Web site that distributes daily e-mailed lists of events in various cities. “She got two kills.”

WTFBBQOMFG!! A grandmom? Lol. I would never expect a grandmom to pull out a water-gun and "kill" me. Damned. Read all about it here [NYTIMES]

Now for the finale (maybe).

I would like to wish all of you people, a Happy Raya, Happy Deepavali and happy eating. Just for your info, Deepavali is not a national holiday in Labuan and also in Sarawak. So don't plan anything for your holidays there. Honest. It's not going to be pretty.

And i'm up for anything. You may nominate me for the Nobel Prize if you want too. Really. If a guy can get a Nobel Prize for telling you that people act stupidly when they are investing, i should get a Nobel for telling you that you're an idiot. Period.

And oh, if you're bored and was not impressed with the earlier link, there are a few websites i can point your interest to. Here's one, two blog posts on name cards. I love them! really. Have a look, here's a sample. [LarryFire Part 1, LarryFire Part 2]

That is lovely. Honest:)

Now unto the other site. You know how sometimes you get stupid signs or warnings on your boxes and such, well there's whole tonne of nonsense in this site [DarrenBareFoot] Here's a sample.

And then there's this site that lists 70 amazing houses from around the world. Which as jaw-dropping. Like this one from their Condo and Townhouse department. Awesome [WebUrbanist]

Well. Basically that is all. Please try to not read it at one go. Because if you do, you might find your shoes that you have been soaking in the washroom to be miraculously cleaned and dried in the morning:)

And oh, i so want this license plate for my future car:) [Via RoyalPingdom] There's more too in the link:)

Cheers people!

Happy hols too:)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What's with the wordings?

A name. A string of alphabets made up by people whom you didn't recognize at the time of your birth to identify you with. The thing that sorta sparked me off is that, there are a few names that would immediately jump to the country which they are in.

Take Lee (or Li), you would jump to China. You are right, mostly because it is one of the top surnames in China. But when you take Tan (i don't know the equivalent in Mandarin), it would most definitely come from Penang, or close by, i think. the problem starts when you have a country that has been colonized and occupied by so many different countries you'd be startled by them.

Take for instance, Philippines. Their more common names are mainly spanish in origin, with Reyes, Torres, and Ramos (yes, they all sound so so familiar, it's because these guys have been representing Spain at one point of their career). You would think, wow.

And Raul is a name for a hunky long haired bare chested Spanish dude.
Pierre is some uber-romantic French guy who loves his croissants.
And probably Joe has worked with the Navy Seals and eats raw fish.
And oh oh, Maldini would sound like God. In some ways:)

So i jumped on this new site, World Names Profiler, and tried to see where my surname would originate from. They haven't indexed the world fully yet (which means their title is so undeserved), but take a look at this.

I thought my surname was Dutch or Portugese in origin, see see, i might as well be a Canadian. Hrmm. Oh well. nvm that. Unto cars then.

I love cars which i can't afford. But no matter, cause they're pretty to look at anyway, like the Maserati Gran Turismo (yes, i can go on forever, but it really really really is pretty!). Anyways, at the recent French car show, there were a tonne of new concept cars that you would love to see:) like i did, with one particularly catching design.

No it's not the new lambo estoque (4-door lambo is just weird), but it is the last name you'd ever heard me mention, the Citroen GT Concept. Love it!!!!! Ok, so i've watched way too many cartoons and probably re-watched the new season of Knight Rider a bit too many times, but seriously, this is lovely:) [Via Jalopnik]

Hahaha. And oh, there's this theory floating around, men who can't do math actually love math a lot. Yup. Math is like women, you love them a whole lot, but you will never understand them, or know what they want. Me and math, we broke up a few days ago, but we'll make nice soon:)

And oh, for those who are still studying with me (yes, i know who you are) this is a little encouragement for you for your exams:)