Monday, January 26, 2009

Scream and shout all you want

They don't really offer a place to do that though. But i'm certain that if they did, they would make big bucks. Just put a few sound-proofed, sturdy cubicles in the middle of the town, and walla, you have instant sex-boxes, er, anger management outlet boxes. Here's an idea, make it to be less than 2 minutes per entry, then maybe the sex can be curbed. Or with people who get excited really fast, that won't happen , and they will still get their way. Ok, bad idea.

This is the TARDIS (time and relative dimension in space), not the crazy box idea that i have. Thanks Dr.Who for saving this planet many times over:)

Anyways, it's the chinese new year's. And i didn't get to see the eclipse, mainly because it was cloudy, and also because i was watching "Mahjong Kung Fu 2" on the telly. What is with showing too many chinese shows during CNY anyway? *grins*. Oh well, i got my share of chinese-based shows to last me the whole year. Not to mention the plethora of shows that are on public tv these few days as well.

Did i mention that we aren't the only people who got an ang-pow this year? Apart from the usual rebuilding of schools and stuff, our dear old PDRM has an early chinese new year gift, the car of my gf's achievable dreams. Lo and behold, the new police car:)

You're thinking, wait, your gf wants an evo x? nope. This one of the two new cars that the PDRM took charge of. The other one is this:) hahahahahaha.

The Volvo S80 2.5T, Mie wants a maybe not so much anymore. Hahahaha. With 200bhp, and leather interior, our lovely 4-wheeled rempits are sure to be given a run for their money. Imagine this now..

Ah Beng 1 : Oit, drive faster la, that blardy polis waja damned annoying le, show me your super-turbocharged car punya power.
Ah Beng 2 : Ok-ok. You see this ar...Vrroooooommm!

*police waja gets left behind*

Ah Beng 2 : Told you alreadi, my car super wan. How the polis can catch?

*looks in rear view mirror*

Ah Beng 2 : Sheet, the new polis wolvo la. TNSKNNCCB!!

*pedal to the metal*

Ah Beng 2 : Hahahaha, wolvo also useless la polis.
Ah Beng 1 : *evil laugh*

*looks in rear view mirror*

Ah Beng 2 : Ar Beng ar, i'm soli ar, you father lawyer rite?
Ah Beng 1 : Yesh la, the best lawyer in PJ i tell you. Why you asking?
Ah Beng 2 : The polis evo x come oledi, cannot run d.
Ah Beng 1 : Sheet. Die Die.

Polis EVO : *loudspeaker* Oi abang, kalau dah max tekan minyak, jimat petrol la. Kita belum tekan half the minyak lagi. Cepat henti tepi jalan la.

I love Malaysians:)
*please bear in mind that this article is created in humour and is not to slanderize any party whatsoever. If you have a complaint, please forward it here.)

And anyway, it's not easy to keep track of everything that happens in the world, just the significant ones. And the most significant ones always seem to be the flashiest ones. I have no idea what i'm saying.

So enough of fooling around. Let's get down to busines.

This is the 4th post of the month, and you know the drill. You know what happens now. You have to be ready for it. Actually right, nothing to get ready for le. Just that it's the last post of the month. Hopefully this one post will last you 5 days minimum. I sincerely hope for that so as to not destroy your hopes of a lovely CNY.

I haven't gotten around to have a drive around PJ and KL yet, mainly cause I'm not supposed to wander about during CNY. And also today's the 1st day. Let's break it down a bit.

Day 1 : Close family & relatives visits. (usually to the husband's side)
Day 2 : The in-laws visit (mainly the wives side)
Day 3 : You're supposed to stay home to "Cultivate The Wealth".

Insane isn't it? *evil laugh* Thank God, my mother isn't all doom and gloom when it comes to the superstitions. But there are a few that has to be followed, which also explains the super last minute cleaning of the house last night, just a few hours before midnight. It was crazy, rushing here and about. This is the part of CNY that not many has grown to love.

Either way, this is a slight deviation to the post

My fellow tigers, this year - we have no good or bad luck. We're supposed to work hard to make our own fortune. *sighs* oh well, work hard people.

Alright, that's it. Happy CNY people.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Help : Final Year Paper!

Mie, (yes, she is my girlfriend) needs people to answer this survey. Fill it up people, and mail it back to her alright? It's about self-mutilation, so if you have some history of it, then do help out. I promise she won't disclose anything, its a doctor-patient thingie k? link below, and her email is

And i need help on my final year paper. I need a field of focus (research subject). Basically just tell me what you think i should be researching about for the next three months. Feel free to comment aight? and don't suggest anything that might get me in trouble with the authorities, you hear? And pass that fyp link above around to people.

As reward for doing me a favor, let me entertain you with some stories. Well, just one story, with multiple sub-plots in it. It's about the CF that happened in midv the other day.

Story 1

As i was walking to the Hong Leong booth, suddenly there was this lady who came up to me and asked me "So, do you like to work normal office hours or would you like to go out and meet clients and such?". I was stumped. Lol. There she was, this weird lady, with a clipboard, pencil and company polos and all, asking me this strange question. I mean, are people in Hong Leong this direct and unforgiving? hahahaha.

Anyways, she went on and on, it was a personality test thingie, and at the end of it, she asked me my name (yes, only at the end did she found out my name!), address, phone number. Then she said that HL will call if they deem me fit. I asked her,

"So...urm.. don't you need to know what course i'm taking?"

hahahahaha. I did a silent chuckle when she put on this stricken look realizing that she didn't ask me what course i was taking, etc. So gave her my course and cgpa. And that was my resume right there. Weird huh?

Story 2.

The RBC Dexia booth. Sounds promising. And they were quite interested in mua, basically cause they are in the investment groove thingie (i actually couldn't glean much off the chinese guy who was talking to me, mostly, he was vague and didn't know nuts about the company itself). Either way, he was like,

"oh, you should send in your resume and all, i think we'll definately take you in".

"So, where is RBC located at?"

"Our headquarters is in Luxembourg, Germany"

*rumbles and grumbles, thinks to self - "idiot"*

"I meant, locally."

"Oh, we're in Cyberjaya"

"Actually i'm in MMU cyber and i was itching to get out of cyber..i'm sorry"

( =

Story 3.

Actually, not a story, but a rant la.
1. Philip Morris fella, damned "lansi" and suprise suprise, would only talk to girls. No wonder he's old and unmarried. Idiot.
2. Nestle people - they are so nice that you feel that you're bothering them by asking them questions.
3. Panasonic people - They are represented by so many people from so many different departments, that collectively - all 10 of them could answer your questions, but individually, their expertise is so specific, it's impossible. Cue the lightbulb joke here.

Story 4.

Actually, i nak masuk BAT Malaysia, due to personal and professional reasons. Lol. Anyways, me and mie (and another guy from Utar Accounting), were talking to Miss.YinYee (i think that's how it's spelt anyway) about the Management Training Programme thingie. Lovely actually - it's harder to get in compared to Shell. 7 interviews? Shell has like 5, Accenture has 4. *crosses fingers & toes for phone call though*

That's all folks. Sorry if i have taken out such a huge chunk of your time:) (but it is your fault mainly) *insert evil laugh here*

Cheers people!

P.S. Don't forget the survey aight?

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Not to be confused with Oui (pronounced "wee") in French; those french people aren't saying that they need to take a piss when they say "wee" to your every question, ya know:)

Anyway, this is a ranting post. I'm so sorry to be away so long only for you to come back to find me ranting. I love ranting, it makes you less stressed. Mie asked me why when people get stressed, their shoulders get stiff. I realized...i didn't had an answer for that at all.

And so, i haven't fully completed my resume; no i'm not graduating yet; it's just this internship thingie that has gotten me stumped. So i'm going to go try me luck in that career fair thingie in midv tomorrow. Hopefully, someone will be kind enough to hire me. Else, i would have to threaten to leak their scandals on the net. (I'm just kidding k? please don't blacklist me on the ISA!)

And to satisfy the two extremely sakai people, who are in tpg now, i have blog. now there. READ! and don't bug me for another week. You do realize that this is a weekly publication, not some blog that is published for your own whimsical non-sexual needs. Jas & Jay. Awww. Weird, but Awwww:) And oh, jay-walking means walking across the street without a zebra crossing or an overhead "jambatan". hahahaha. now shush.

And go here. GO now! click on it!

There, that is enough to satisfy all twenty mins of the average human attention-span. If your attention span is less than 15 mins, it's ok, i understand why you don't realize that you're hovering about in quicksand:)

And no pictures. This is due to me having only like 20% left in my lappie batt, so no pictures. And oh, MBM (mie birthday mission) was a success. Thank you for coming, and you're invited again next year, same time, not so same place - make yourselves free!!

List of stuff bought for mie:
1. i'm not telling.
2. Aduish, you tahu baca tak?
3. Honestly, why do you even exist? go click on link, go.

Call me up, i'm free. For those with perverted minds, it means i have spare time on my hands, and will have "yam cha" session with you all. For those who still think otherwise, please, don't call me. *grins*

So there, you whiners! And go go team FiiK for the Estrat Challenge! Anyways, there's a P&G (the company who makes all your kitchen/bathroom cleaners etc, cars, bombs, fighter jets) challenge in march. There's a online test on..till i forgot. but it's soon. Like end of january soon. Go for it i say, for more information, click here:)

That's all folks. Happy Chinese New Year, and oh Happy belated Ponggal:)


P.S. Fabes *waves* don't die, well not yet la - i still need that sign off on a clean bill of health to qualify for cheaper insurance:)


Not really. Rant - David Tennant no longer being Dr.Who. This year - last season. Richard = sad. Better catch the this season, it's bound to be a blast.

Ok now, bugger off.

Cheers! (again)

Friday, January 2, 2009


Hello humans, and fluff pets alike.

Prickly here, taking over for my human, Richard, for the next two weeks or so. My human is kind of busy (that's what he says) with his finals, so i'm here to take over his job of entertaining all of you. First off, let's start with the introductions, i'm a hedgehog, with limited mobilty, but infinite cuteness. So stare at me, and bewitched:)

And oh, let me wish all of you all, Merry belated Christmas, Happy New Year, and to those who wished my human Happy birthday the other day, he asked me to thank all of you all. Although, i would never understand Christmas, and the habit of drinking till you're drunk, hedgehogs can't get drunk you see, and i would at most, be drenched in alcohol.

There's a lot of other things which i am quite afraid of, list below

1. Fire. Yup, i'm afraid of fire. Mainly cause i can't roll about to put it off.

2. Water. I hate getting wet, mainly cause i'm part gremlin. So i get dry washed every now and then. And yes, to those single hot hedgehog ladies out there, i do smell oh-so-good:)

3. Cats. they like to claw me and all. I have fought off quite a few in my lifetime, and i'm quite proud to say that i have gotten through all of them unharmed. So there, nice smelling, cute and brave, what more does a lady want from a hedgehog? (i can uze teh inzernets 2)

Things that i love,

1. Sleeping. To store up enough energy to fight cats. I need all the rest i can get!
2. Gathering info, so i stare about a bit.
3. Daze people with my cuteness. It works like a charm. All the time.

So ladies (hedgehog or not), i'm still very much available. And if you're older than i am, don't fret, age is not a barrier for me. *wink wink*

So there. I shall return with another post soon, i have to go wake my human now to do the rest of his ARIMA models, else he will fail his test. Lazy human.

Cheers people! (and fluff!)