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Sunday, April 27, 2008

But mom.....!

You see, all of us, deep inside (ok, maybe very very deep inside for those whom are "contented" with life) have something that they really really want, but don't require at all. It's a little like your mom packing your bags during that fifth grade camping trip where she stuff all sorts of stuff inside, and tells you "You will never know when you need this".

So i, at the beck and call of Lord David (see, i'm writing this post so that you don't get bored, hopefully. lol), have came up with a list of stuff that you might not need (or you will ever need for that matter). But here goes, i forgot where i got most of the pictures of stuff from, but the ones i remember - there will be a link to them:)

In wake of the many zombie movies, and also the fact that Nobel prize winner scientists are trying to make an army of undead to help them with their research - this i think is very necessary if it ever happens. Hell, i would need one if ever i wake up and see my neighbour trying to bang his way into my house using his head. ( =

Ever wished you can "see" how toasted is your toast? *grins* butter solution later:)

Ah yes, problem solved! Really. I mean it. How many times have you b*tched about having to have a butter knife to spread your butter, then wash it afterwards, etc? Now just pop your bread into the toaster, pop open the butter-stick thingie, then apply. It's really ingenius, apart from the fact that children (and possibly mentally challenged people like Fabian) would have trouble distinguishing it from glue. Hrmm...

For the times, ya know, when the husband/boyfriend (or maybe the missus) isn't around to squash your bug for you, rest assured that you can do it yourself! Plus, you can get that little bugger in every hook and canny of your house! Hah! It even doubles up as a weapon when you're too lazy to get out of the couch to smack your kid's head for spilling the orange juice (again!?).

I think i have mentioned this usb missile launcher a while back, but now, it's has an upgrade! It now has a webcam, so you can be away from your desk, and still know who's been watching porn on your desktop (to lower their chances of getting caught, and also to get you in trouble of course!) just click to aim, and click to fire:) a certain must have!

For those times when you really want that apple, but you're just too lazy to get rid of the skin, this is the device for you. Skinless apples in under a minute, really. They should put one of these babies near every hospital bed for those people who get loads of fruits, but are unfortunately wrapped up in bandages (they can't peel it themselves ya see. lol)

A watch is useless you say? How can this be? Well, it can be, if it costs USD 300,000 and only tells you whether it's day or night. Really, it only tells you whether it's day or night, albeit accurately of course. USD300k, i would want a watch that shoots laser beams, AND tell time, thank you:)

And oh, lastly, something that had nothing to do with this post. You know how exam orientated Malaysians are? Well, we have hit a new high (or low) with this thingie i spotted just now. Prepare yourselves!

It's stationery sold with a "forecasted UPSR paper" bundled in. Although, it is for the SK & SRJK(C), but i'm guessing the SRJK(T) were sold out within minutes. Lovely marketing scheme i must add:) and for only RM7.90 too!

Alright, that's about it.


Monday, April 21, 2008

John Cornelius Oliver

He's a lovely chap, with this new comedy out, produced by Comedy Central NY, which was named "Terrifying Times". And you know what? If i were to ever visit New York, it would be for 3 things now. Hot-dogs, the Empire State Building and Comedy Central. *evil grin*

The fact that i have categorized NY to be as such is mainly because i am discriminating against it and placing it in a categorized position that it may or may not want to be in. I was in such a predicament lately as well when i was categorized in a way that i have been *almost* all my life.

You see, i had no idea that people don't know that i am about 96% chinese. They simply think that my first name, was a Catholic name given to me when i got water splashed in my face by a priest. I was to them, a chinese catholic. And in that sense, i did pull my weight and did what chinese people are "supposed to do".

I ate pork, char kuey teow, grabbed ang pows from relatives and wore shorts. My genes did the other work for me by making me only of average Malaysian chinese height and also had black eyes/hair and almost fair skin. What i didn't expect was that i was supposed to do something more, which can be represented by the conversation that i have edited for your ease of reading.

DISCLAIMER : Do not read the conversation if you plan to do something malicious or to use it as material for some sort of stupid controversy. If you can accept what i have written in the way that i meant it to be (you can ask me what i meant it to be later) then by all means, read on:)

(the whole conversation was in different dialects of chinese - mandarin/canto, japanese, etc. so i have translated them into english for you. Do note that i will not mention names, and that in this entire conversation, i was speaking entirely in english, and them entirely in chinese)

Subject A : Richard, can you understand Mandarin?

Richard : I can speak and listen to the language, but i can't write it.

Subject A : Oh, any other dialects? Cantonese?

Richard : I can speak Hokkien, Canto and understand a wee bit of Hakka.

Subject B : Then why have you never spoken Chinese with us then?

Richard : Because i don't have to? And also because you understand English perfectly well?

Subject C : Oh, so because you got a bit of portugese blood you don't wanna speak Chinese la?

Subject D : Eh, Richard's not fully chinese meh?

Subject E (shouts from background) : He say only not chinese, but his mother, grandmother all chinese. So he is chinese but doesn't want to admit it. You know la, he's a bit proud.

Richard : No, subject D, i am not fully chinese.

Subject A : Then why don't you speak your mother tongue? Why don't you speak Chinese? Why didn't you learn Mandarin?

Richard : Well, for starters, Portuguese is my mother tongue, and I replaced it with English, and i did try to learn Mandarin, i'm just not good in it.

Subject A : No mah, you should be proud to learn your mother tongue, and learn how to speak Mandarin. Should learn to respect others and speak in their language.

Richard : Then aren't you dis-respecting me by not speaking in English?

-end of conversation-

*evil grin* lol. What to do right? i do suck in mandarin. =P Sorry mom for not trying harder to learn how to read and write in mandarin, then i would be able to read japanese as well and order high end cheap gadgets from japan. *smirks*

Anyways, it can a wee bit disturbing to know that, in a class of mine, a lecturer from India (or somewhere close to India) asked a question to this group of students (in english mind you), and they replied in chinese. Hrmm... The whole scene was funny cause the expression on the lecturer's face was priceless. lol. And it happened more than twice:)

Unto some not so weird stuff. The Orientation Committee's ice breaking session last night was crazed. *grins* Everyone was bordering on hysterical and i think were pumped full of narcotics for the silly grins on their faces, and "moment of madnesses" were everywhere. I *almost* lost my voice, and Taufik almost lost his knee(again).

Jaspattay switched back into her authoritarian mode, and was scary when she threatened Chee Wei to two weeks of vegetarian diet. Even jaspattay herself can't last 2 days without meat. I can't last two days without coffee, so same difference. =P

Anyhow, i have photo-phobia. The flash that people use on their cameras actually makes me blind for roughly half an hour or so, with my vision being half normal and half full of white-rainbow-y colours. And that is why i dread photo-taking, due to the fact that i would be vulnerable to an attack by space aliens and Godzilla after i get "blinded". lol.

*Ok, i'm exaggerating, but there is proof that Godzilla once ruled over the earth with T-rexs in his army and a continent full of velociraptors*

Now if you would excuse me, i have assignments to do. Just needed to rant a bit:)


The fact that the poll said "I am" was actually refering to yourselves actually. If a company gave out a poll, asking "I am" then gave you some options, then you would actually be describing yourself, wouldn't you? lol. So here goes.

50% Lust
10% for Greed and envy
30 Pride

Aberdeen boy voted lust:)
Someone from pahang voted envy. The rest were from Selangor:)


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shut your lasers down while you can.

I wanted to write a post that is heavily inspired by Robyn, The Hoosiers and, Panic! at the Disco, but decided against it, in case i would have to explain my cryptic words to all of you (if you want those kind of posts, go to Mei's blog. lol). And also, i would have to work extremely hard to come up with "words that you might not understand yet feel that it sound extremely deep", which i would also have trouble understanding. So i shall just blog about what i have been up to all these while when i wasn't in Cyberjaya:)

The place's name is Pick 'n' Brew. (went with Mie)

Probably in reference to the types of coffee that you can mix and match. It is reasonably priced (if a cup of coffee at RM9.00 is said to be reasonable, which i think is - if it's good of course). Any by gosh, any restaurant with a salt+pepper shaker is mixed into one, and the background looks like some posh restaurant, i'm all for it. lol. Located in some back alley somewhere in One U.

(Jas will know, she ate too much beef at Seoul Garden opposite this restaurant and is now sick).

Plus, there's an over view of the highway, so you can see if you should leave now, or wait for the traffic to clear up first. Nifty idea huh? Also, i didn't ate there, but from what i have spied around upon, the portions are a tad bit tiny. But if you do go there, and have a taste, let me know.

I had the Iced Irish Cream Latte, and Mie had the Hazelnut Latte. Mine was a bit strong (and mighty delicious) so my tastebuds were gone by the time i tasted the hazelnut. Mie says it's good though. Worth checking out.

And i went to Sunway Pyramid yesterday, and suprise suprise! I met 3 (YES THREE!!!) mmu students there. It's a new record for me personally, because the only one time that i have seen mmu students anywhere in the klang valley area (unexpected meetings of course) was David in Mid V. (Jas and Abdul not counted.) Anyways, i was driving into the new parking area, and surprise, surprise, i saw this!

Yes! Finally! an indicator which parking bay is full, and how many were empty of course. lol. There's this indicator light thingie that you can see from far, red for occupied, green for ya know. Anyways, it was a good sign overall:) Mie says it's been implemented eons ago in S'Pore. Oh well, at least we have it now. =P

The light above is the indicator light. (no the car is not mine). I actually waited for this car to get out of the parking lot (closer to the stairs ya see), and waited for the lights to turn green. (Jakun i know. sue me. lol) Anyways, this is the sensor thingie :

Looks like some laser that is pointed towards your car (actually,there is a laser to detect whether there is an object there, it shoots a beam of light, then measures....oh never mind). Hope it would zap all those people who park as though their cars are too huge. lol.

And oh oh. They remind you to take a photo of the pillar which states the bay number your car is parked at. And of course being a nut head that would often forget where i parked my car (but Mie was with me, so no reason to snap photo, but i did it either way. =P ) I snapped a photo of it:)

And oh oh oh. The new wing is nice:) A part of it reminded me of MMU, due to the insane amount of Middle Eastern people there. lol. Here's a shot of the street.

It's the ceiling of the floor. I swear! It's nice and pretty. The shops look rustic, and rustic. Then we somehow ended up going to this weird floor that divides into three lanes of shops. It's utter madness. If you were to go to all shops, ziggady zaggady, it would take you roughly 34632.23 minutes!

Anyways, here are some shots of what they sell (could only take pics of stuff that people weren't blocking + colourful things)

Nope, they aren't berries, they are lovely sweets:)

Bears waiting to be devoured! gasp!

Bears' friends waiting to be taken home. Poor bears.

Another reason why they say piracy is rife in Malaysia. =P

After that, of course, a trip to the loo. Lol. I don't know why i get fascinated by signages. It's weird i know, but you have to admit that this is kinda unsual.

They *almost* look gay. =P

Anyways, after that we went to Jack's Place (front entrance of Pyramid) to have lunchie:)'s Rock, Shop and Recover Grand finals was being held there, and Mie knows Chunky Munkie, one of the crew. I tak tahu. lol.

On to the lunch then. We were served by Fad, a lovely waitress, who did all our bidding with no questions asked. Gave us her outmost attention as well (partly because we were one of two table occupied at that time. lol ) But she was a darl, so next time if you do go there, ask for her:)

We had the set lunch, lasts from 11am till 4 pm. One soup, one main course, one drink (coffee or tea) and one dessert. All for RM20 before tax (RM15 if you don't take the steak). Offer is on everyday with different menus.

So we had mixed mushroom soup, steak with brown/almond sauce and iced coffee:) Mie changed her soup for lobster bisque. And in 5 mins, my coffee came first!

Adjustable coffee. Lovely. Coffee's kinda bland though, and i poured in too much milk.

Mie's lobster soup. Was a bit strong tasting for me, salty for her. Mushroom soup was okok la.

Steak! Med rare for me, Med well for her. The almonds were a suprise. It was good! And oh, underneath the steak were slices of potato drowned in spiced and grilled. Lovely. And sunny side up eggs always make my day:)

Lastly the desset. Too bad it was honeydew (Mie and me no likey honeydew) So we left it at that. But Fad upon realizing that we haven't touched our desserts when she came for the plates, offered us ice-cream instead! Even when Mie already took a bite of her dessert. That my friends, is called customer service. *evil grin*

Choco for her, Vanilla for me:)

It was a lovely experience (and i tipped her, fad, as well. rare i know =p ) but there was one very quirky thing i can't get rid of. There was a woman staring at me all the time. lol. Pic below.

Oh well, i couldn't be bothered as i was too busy eating and talking to Mie (who is a whole lot prettier) *grins* So that's about it i guess. Adios People!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

The One Inspired.

Due to Mei's previous comment, i have became as lazy as her and refused to type more than 100 words. So what i did was go to FoodPornWatch and took a few links of recently updated food blogs, and listed them below. Only three, cause that's more than what mei would have done either way:)


That's it. Go thank Mei for making me not ramble on about other things this week!


Thursday, April 3, 2008

What have we here?

Disclaimer : this post is intended to give a light hearted view of the not-so comfy state of unrest that has been infecting the world today. So if you do not have a wicked sense of humour as well as the capability to perceive this post as it is intended to be, please, don't read on. ( =

I got this instant forwarded message on my ym today, which i found to be very weird. Let me give you a quote off of it.

"I ask you all to put your hands with other MUSLIMS and boycott the Holland's products. 1.6 billion Muslims could really slap the economy in Holland. Please copy this text and forward this text to as many Muslims as possible Via Email via SMS Via Scrap..... I ask u,as a Muslims... Can't u spare 5 minutes in order to spread this message among Muslims "

I have never been the one to diss any party, but i am not condoning it as well. So i might as well give you a list of stuff/things/products/etc to boycott if you intend to join in the movement.

1. Paddle POP icecream. lol.
2. Lipton tea =P
3. Bovril & Marmite (ya know, the stuff you add in with porridge)
4. Lady's Choice products (Gasp!)
5. Heineken!? damned. and any other beer/liquor products.
6. Drugs. lol. just kidding.
7. Knorr's seasoning.
8. Planta. (lol)

Home & Personal Care Products.
1. Impulse & Rexona (the deodorant)
2. Clear (shampoo, made famous by that guy named "rain". hehehe)
3. Dove&Lux (i ain't kidding, the soaps' from there!)
4. Pond's. (the facial thingie. don't cry girls *evil laugh*)
5. Sunsilk's on the list too.

Since Philips is a Dutch company, all TV's, computer chips, fans, etc are listed. What you don't know is this
1. PET scan machine in your hospital. Used to detect tumors.
2. ECG, MRI, X-rays, ultrasound.
3. Defibrillators (the name of the thing that the doc puts on your chest and yell "CLEAR!" before shocking you back to life)

Basically Philips can fill up a whole hospital adequately so if you're going to join the movement, choose one that offers cheap medicine, and no Philips machines. *lol*

If most of you guys don't know this already, ING Group is actually a dutch company, one of the largest online banking institutions in the world (if not the largest) so their products in malaysia include
1. Banking
2. Investments
3. Insurance

So you have gotta choose a bank which is not associated with ING, wait ten years, and i'd open one for you:)

This is the pinnacle of the stuff listed here, so pay close attention!!

You cannot watch F1!! Cause ING is with Renault. lol. And also almost every other sports in the world except Sepak Takraw. =P

unto footie then

English Premier League
1. Man Utd - Because they have Edwin Van der Sar. *evil grin*
2. Liverpool - Kuyt, Babel :)
3. Arsenal - Robin Van Persie :)
4. Blackburn - Ooijer:)
5. Aston Villa - Bouma:)
6. Wigan - Melchiot:)
and almost every other team in epl has dutch players as well. lol. maybe except Chelsea. =P

Dutch League.
All are not permitted. *evil laugh* Includes teams like PSV, Ajax and Hamburger:)

La Liga
1. Real Madrid - Nistelrooy & Robben & Wesley:)
2. Barcelone - Dear Frankiee:)
3. Valencia - Maduro:)
4. Sevilla - Khalid Boulahrouz (hope i spelled his name right. *laughs*)
and also whichever team whom has dutch players.

Serie A
1. Ac Milan - Seedorf (NoooooooOOoOO!!!)
*I think this is the only one. hahahha*

Oh well, that's about it for my not so comprehensive listing. *evil laugh* anyways, i do believe that acts of extremism is to be avoided at all costs, and "flaming" issues should be dealt with swiftly. Chain reactions is something that we don't want to see, like in this case of the movie that some nut put on the internet, it has been a huge issue. And if such a strike of dutch products were to go through, estimated-ly (by me, lol) this will happen.

Roughly 5million or so Non-Dutch citizens will be out of jobs.
GDP's of countries having close economic ties to the Netherlands will be severly affected.
Losses of up to 500billion euros can be expected (Unilever group is already worth 100 billion or so, add in get my view)

So, just take it easy, they have what they deserve coming. Just sip your Heineken (or Lipton tea), make some peanut butter and jelly with your fav Lady's Choice, watch your footie:)

that's all folks!


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's times like these.

Foo fighters, remember them? *laughs* It seems to me that i have been living the back ages for quite a while, especially when i enjoy the 90s more than the 00s? Oh well, short post, a few pictures, and even less words. Let's start with this. I have blogged about this restaurant a while back (more like mentioned) but since *almost* everyone didn't believe that it's name was "Restoran Lorong Seratus Tahun Curry Mee", i have proof!

Name's on the menu:)

The tiny chairs that they make you sit in. Lol. But no fears, i have seen large people sitting on them without fear of breaking. =P

The curry mee that they serve you. (mine was without "pig's blood" and also "sotong")

Belacan/hot stuff/the reddish thingie that you *have* to put in.

The after product! I like to think that this curry mee should be relabeled as the "Adjustable spiciness curry mee", (ok, i have bad naming sense, sue me. hahaha)

I know a lot of people have been going for industrial training and going off to find work and such, but how i wish when it's my turn to go job-hunting, a RM5k per month job will be offered to me with this headline

Hahaha. I guess not. Oh well, if the kid in me were to handle *a lot of* money that doesn't belong to me, it would all *poof* disappear in an instant. Have fun you soon-to-be-working people!

And i found Dave's Deli again! I used to love their lasagna (pics with Mie though), and it still tastes the same, though the proportions were a bit tiny. And they seem to have a bit of problem with financing when their furniture looks like this

Nope, i'm just kidding. =P those chairs must have cost them a bomb. I could have done it *with the kid in me in full paint-madness-mode*, for half the cost! And still i would pocket a sweet amount of dough, or infinite lasagna. *grin*

The main reason for this shot down here, the Steak&Mushroom pie (which i took btw)

is actually to teach you people how to take lovely shots of "food porn". Here's the link for the entire thing, and i do recommend the tips for taking lovely photos of food:)

And oh, as a parting shot, here's a word from the Sri Kembangan's Jusco SC Manager. Note the 1st "promise". lol.

I wonder, how does one "enjoy" using the washroom? lol. *evil grin* =P

That's all folks, be good.

And oh, i found this flickr page that had the oh so lovely cupcake pictures. Here's the link to Hello Naomi's page, and here's a photo of it.

It's Mario! (all credits to Hello Naomi)