Friday, February 19, 2010

Ano Onna.

Translates to "That Woman". I think.

Anyway, lids off to happenings in the life of this quite lazy blogger.

1 death, 7 (or so) surgeries and one near heart-attack later, i found life to be not as simple as i would have thought it would be. You see in movies how people can just pull the trigger and not be affected by it, maybe some would - but i definitely know that i would not have the assassin-like qualities that i thought i would have.

This one paragraph is to a dear friend of mine, to whom i did not attend his funeral because, i didn't know. Yes, i am an idiot who can't keep in touch with his friends. Why, i have no idea. He was one of my closest buds in high school, crazy lunches and even more crazy after school hours. He was to be a doctor, and a personal doctor of mine as well. People keep telling me that shit happens. Yes, shit happens, but it sure is a bitch when it does.

To you Ganesha, Salut. I'm sorry that my last drink with you was so many years ago, and now it will never come to pass again.

This other paragraph is to my family members, to which half the surgeries and one near heart attack is based upon. I know how well you all have been taking care about me. And you know that you people are my family, and i will do whatever i can to keep those bonds alive.

Lastly, this is to ano onna. I don't know which hospital bed you are lying in, but i hope that you are out of one now. You know when i first heard about it, i went speechless for the whole day. Talking about who's the patient huh? I guess that one very crazy thing that i did was organizing that birthday boy leg shaving party thing at your house. To tell you the truth, i could never forget that one night, especially when you told me that your dad's shaver was to be used on some kid's leg. ( =

And no, i have wanted to call you. Hell, i even gotten my parent's adopted indian son's number. But i never knew what to say. Which is a total bitch. Cause i can't act as i do - it sounds so pretentious. And i know you would want any sympathy from me, and that is where the darn conversation would lead to whenever i mention your condition. *yea la, i tengah emo ni* Lol.

Anyway, you have got to get better. And i know you're reading this. Or are you? Read k? They say that reading is good for the eyes...and a few other body parts. ( =

Well, when you're well enough to hold a cue stick, i will be the first to drive you out. And i will even support the Dragons. Ok, maybe the Dragons is pushing it. But there's a one time offer on dinner - where i will be your personal chef. And it's for 2 orang. But if you want fancy fancy, bring your own table cloth aye? And candles. And silverware. And a chandelier if you must.

Get well you very not so healthy people, and stop scaring the crap out of me. The most i would allow is one death per 5 years, so it's not your time yet.

Cheers. And eat your veggies.

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