Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Doing that thing you do :)


How are you? I'm not doing all too great, 2010 just didn't come too well to me, so i'm going to skip the whole what-i-have-been-up-to routine. Instead, i shall post the very "necessary" Oscars/Grammy list thingie that i do *almost* every year. Actually i can't remember the last time i did it. So here goes ( =

Best Movie 2009 - UP.
Yes, you read me right. It's UP. To be exact, only the first 10 mins of it was great, the rest was just good. But those 10 mins were enough to beat every other top grossing film. Well, that's my opinion of course:)

Best Actor 2009 - Robert Downey Jr (Sherlock Holmes)
Why? Cause.. He's like a Tony Stark. Minus the money and that hot-rod red suit. ( = Why the movie wasn't the best of 2009? Cause it clearly has a sequel. That sorta killed it for me.

Best Actress 2009 - Siena Miller (Ana - G.I.Joe)
Why? Cause men are stupid. And boys are even more so. ( =

Best movie soundtrack 2009 - Kara no Kyoukai.
You obviously have not watched it have you? There's 7 of them. Get them all k? ( = The fight scenes are only great because of the soundtrack.

Best animated movie 2009 - Avatar 3D.
Yes, it's not *just* an animation. *sigh* but the plot was so weak. (yes, i know i will be murdered for saying so). Just know that no Jap movies will ever make it into this list, because they take more than a year to get the darn dvd out of Japan. Meaning that no jap anime movie will ever be listed. Hahaha.

Best TV show 2009 - Castle.
Why? Cause i have poor taste, and i only enjoy shows where there's only two characters in it. And also cause it's witty, annoyingly crazy, full of nutty puns, and there's always the lovely daughter who has to tuck her father in every night. I just love it. And so does ABC to have extended season 2 from 13 eps to 24 :)

Best Sci-fi TV Show 2009 - Fringe.
I would have gone with Eureka, but they are so undecided on whether to continue it or not. Anyway, Fringe. Why not? You have a super-scientifically enhanced FBI agent who works with the man who experimented on her, and his son whom he pulled from another alternate world. And then there's that cow in the lab. ( =

Best Lawyer Show 2009 - Damages.
Actually, i haven't started on season 2. So i don't know. But at the moment, no other lawyer show even comes close. Hahahaha.

Best Cop Show 2009 - Monk.
Why? Cause it's ending. The crazy swirly scared of germs detective is going away for good. And for his last hurrah, the show's better than it has been for the past 3 years.

Best...Reality TV Show 2009? - Dirty Jobs.
Reality doesn't get any more real when you can practically smell that *poop* that they are zooming into. ( = And oh, there was that lady with the duck feather pillow thing that definately could sell t-shirts.

Best Animated TV Show 2009 - Mobile Suit Gundam 00 S2.
It was the crazy sacrifices, and the insane backstabbing, and all that drama, and twists and tear-jerking scenes and most importantly (well, at least to me), the mobile suits of course. Someone buy me a Cherudim 1/100 scale model for me *wink wink*

Best Song 2009 - The Day I Died by Just Jack.
I would sing this song when i die. Well, at least i hope to. ( =

Best Artist 2009 - Amy Stroup.
I admit. I have a very very soft spot for female singers. "Chin Up" is my fav. And soon to be Jas' theme song.

Best Album 2009 - FameMonster by Lady Gaga.
Name me one person who haven't even heard her songs.

Best Car 2009 - Lambo Murcielago.
Cause it's being discontinued. There was not one kid (unless you grew up in America) who didn't once looked at it and went wow. I caught a good look at one at Sunway, and i still went wow.

I could go on. But that's enough for now:)